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Sponsored Artist of the Month - Adam Link | Radiant Neo-Trad Set


It's that time of the month again where we feature the work of our sponsored artist of the month!  Since the beginning of this year, we've been focusing on a different artist and showcasing some of their excellent work on a monthly basis whilst getting to know a little more about them, and this month, we're absolutely loving the work that our super-talented pro-team member Adam Link has been doing.

Adam has been one of our Sponsored Artists for almost 2 years now, and we're really proud to have him on the team.  Now working between 2 different studios, Adam has the benefit of being able to tattoo in 2 different cities which is great for fans of his work as they have the option of being tattooed at Dagren Tattoo Studio in Dunfermline, and LD Studios in Newcastle. 

Adam also travels to a lot of tattoo conventions and really enjoys working at different shows across Europe, which works out perfectly for those who aren't UK based.  Adam tattooed at Milano Convention back in February, and he has plans for more international conventions later on this year. 

We're huge fans of Adam's work, and absolutely love his neo-traditional style. It's rare to see him do anything else but neo-traditional, which is a testament to his work, as he has a huge amount of people who exclusively go to him for his colourful and bold style. His work is quite unique and instantly recognisable, which really sets him aside and has allowed him to cement himself within the industry. 

Make sure you check out some of Adam's incredible work right here!:

A beautiful dog piece from Adam.  We love the paw chain detail here, and the happy expression on the dog's face. A great example of Adam's unique style.

One of our favourite pieces. The balance of colour used here is perfect.  A really incredible piece!

A typical example of Adam's wonderful work.  We've seen quite a few skull themed tattoos done by Adam, and they do not disappoint.

A striking snow leopard piece.  We really like the subtlety of the colours used here. It's a really stunning piece of work. 

Not one to shy away from black and grey, we think this piece is phenomenal.  It's great to see black and grey neo-traditional work, and Adam excels at it! 

A really cool Fresh Prince of Bel Air piece that Adam did recently. We're sure Will Smith would approve.


If you'd like to check out some more of Adam's wonderful work then make sure you head over to his Instagram page @adamlinktattooer where you can find a lot more of his tattoo work and keep up to date about his upcoming conventions.  If you're looking to find the best neo-traditional colours then make sure you check out our collection of Radiant Tattoo Ink on our website, where you can buy the Radiant neo-trad set for the perfect neo-traditional inspired colours. 



Love Toni...




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