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Sponsored Artist of the Month - Ladislav Hacel | Radiant Tattoo Ink Range


Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for September goes to an incredible tattooer whose work is quite literally phenomenal.  Ladislav Hacel who works from and owns Alone in the Dark Ink, Didcot has been one of our favourite artists for a long while now, and we're constantly in awe of his magnificent realism tattoos.  He’s an exceptionally talented artist with a very solid work ethic. 

In 2007 Ladislav moved from Slovakia to the UK. The following year he decided he wanted to pursue a career in tattooing, so began learning his craft whilst working 2 different jobs. After around 3 years of mastering the art, he opened his shop Alone in the Dark Ink, and he still works there now.

Ladislav enjoys working at tattoo conventions, and has 46 awards to his name (all first place!). He’s also been published in various tattoo magazines, and has won 2 British Business Awards. He loves working on large-scale concept pieces, and has said that he feels fortunate that his customers put their trust in him, which in turn allows him to grow as an artist.  He’s also sponsored by Radiant Tattoo Ink, so is naturally a huge fan of the Radiant Tattoo Ink Range.

Why not check out some of Ladislav's amazing work here?

A ferocious wolf tattoo, featuring an eerie street scene beneath the wolf. One thing we love about Ladislav's work, and a common feature in his tattoos is his love for creating 2 different scenes in one, with a large focal point and a secondary scene taking place beneath the first aspect of the tattoo. 

Another example of this can be seen here. A Victorian street scene below a gory, mysterious woman. Excellent work from Ladislav. 


Not one to shy away from colour realism, this Staffordshire Bull Terrier piece is brilliant. 

This piece pops so much, it’s really intense with its UV glow effect.  A perfect Joker tattoo. 

One of our personal favourites.  A Japanese Foo Dog. 

A lovely vibrant piece from Ladislav. The highlight in this is amazing. 

Last but not least, a beautiful wildlife scene featuring some gorgeous birds and a frog. Impeccable work! 

This is just a small selection of some of the amazing work that Ladislav does, so why not check out more by heading over to his Instagram page @hacelladislav – there's plenty to see! Keep your eyes peeled for October’s sponsored artist of the month, and don’t forget to check out the Radiant Tattoo Ink Range on our website today. 


Love Toni 

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