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Sponsored Artist of the Month- Scott Edward Wyness | Buy Dynamic inks online


Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for March goes to an extremely talented tattoo artist who has been on our team of sponsored artists from the early days. This month’s Sponsored Artist of the Month goes to Scott Edward Wyness.

When we first met Scott he was working from Lord Nelson Tattoos in the heart of the beautiful city of Chester. Scott has since gone on to open his own successful tattoo studio in East Lancashire called Alchemy Tattoo Art. Scott specialises in ‘dark art' style tattoos, creating beautifully dark imagery that is often haunting and gory. The subject matter of his tattoos regularly consists of things like skulls, women heads, ferocious animals, and horror characters. It’s the perfect content for dark tattoos, and suits Scott’s style perfectly. 

Scott, known less formally as Eddy has only been tattooing for around half a decade, however he’s clearly an extremely talented individual whose work really speaks for itself. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Dynamic Inks online, we’re avid followers of Eddy's incredible work, and we’re sure you’ll love his work too. Check out more of his amazing dark art tattoos right here...

First up, an insane leg sleeve featuring a really cool concept. We love the octopus intertwined around the woman. The perfect example of Eddy's gory style. 

‘The Kiss of Death’. This was Eddy's customer’s first tattoo, and it’s a really bold choice for a first tattoo but a brilliant one! The beginning of a dark sleeve. 

A solemn looking woman with ravens fused on her head. This one is a really interesting idea and is executed perfectly. It's breathtakingly dark.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s satanic skulls! A brilliant piece from Eddy. This one has to be one of our favourites. 

A half sleeve that was recently started by Eddy. This one is all about the angles, and the cool positioning of the woman’s face.  Those white highlights look awesome.

A stormy sea cover up. A great piece of work recently completed by Eddy. 

If you’re into dark tattoos when we'd highly recommend Eddy's work. Him and his excellent team of artists produce some stunning tattoos, so if you’re in the Lancashire area then why not pop down to Alchemy Tattoo Art and pay them a visit? Be sure to give Scott a follow on Instagram so you can keep updated with any convention plans he may have in the pipeline. Don’t forget to check out our website where you can buy Dynamic Inks online, and get hold of all your tattoo supply needs!


Love Toni 

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