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St Patrick's Day Tattoos | Buy Tattoo Goo Lotion online


So, this weekend it's St Patrick's Day, and for some people that means a lot of celebrations and cheer (and perhaps some Guinness!).  St Patrick’s Day is a global celebration of Irish culture celebrated the 17th March each year in remembrance of St Patrick, one of Ireland's patron Saints.  The day is especially celebrated in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, where St Patrick's Day is a Bank Holiday.  Some people rejoice by wearing green clothing, and some throw parties or go to pubs which serve Irish food and drink.  Others take it to the next level, by getting Irish or St Patrick's Day themed tattoos!

This weekend to mark St Patrick's Day, we wanted to take a look at some of the coolest Irish-inspired tattoos out there!  At Magnum, where you can buy Tattoo Goo Lotion online, we're always keen to see the work of different artists, and what better way to celebrate St Patrick's Day than to admire some beautiful tattoos.  Here we go!..

First up, a bold and solid traditional shamrock by Nicole Boley.  The word Éire denotes from the Old Irish word Ériu, which was the name of a Gaelic goddess.  The Shamrock itself is often portrayed as an Irish symbol, often associated with St Patrick. 


A cute little Leprechaun holding a pint of Guinness, by Paul Aherne.  There's been numerous St Patrick's Days where I've been past Irish bars and pubs and seen people dressed as Leprechauns enjoying a few pints of Guinness!  A lovely traditional ode to Ireland captured perfectly in this tattoo.



I really like this old school style piece by Svea, and I particularly like the expression on the Leprechaun's face!


This is a really incredible piece done by Tom Pru.  The typical Leprechaun has been replaced by a glowing green skull with Leprechaun-like features, ensuring to keep with the traditional theme. 


An excellent piece by an exceptionally talented artist.  This Leprechaun piece by David Clarke is stunning.  He has a really interesting new-school cartoon-like style that fits with the Leprecaun theme perfectly, and I think the white outline used here sets the tattoo off really nicely. 


No Leprechaun tattoo is complete without a pot of gold!  This lovely Leprechaun piece by Michaela Bottin is the perfect tribute to St Patrick's Day.  Complete with a pint of Guinness and a happy-go-lucky smile.  A brilliant piece of work!


I'm not a fan of Guinness myself, but it seems to be an extremely popular choice of drink, especially around St Patrick's Day, so if you're celebrating this weekend, then I hope you have a wonderful time!  If you've done any St Patrick themed tattoos then make sure you leave us a message in the comment section and send your pictures over to us. For anyone getting a St Patrick's Day themed tattoo this weekend, don't forget to check out our web store where you can buy Tattoo Goo Lotion online. 


Love Toni...



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