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Sunbeds vs Tattoos | Tattoo Goo Renew with SPF50

We all know that too much exposure to the sun and its UV rays can carry serious health risks, and the same goes for sunbeds. The ultraviolet rays in sunbeds are much more concentrated than getting some sun on you, so people will often over expose themselves to the harmful rays.

People often assume sunbeds to be safe as they can limit the amount of time spent on them and choose the strength of the tubes used, but this is certainly not the case, and the long term effects of sunbeds can be deadly.  As well as tbe obvious risks of sunbeds, such as skin cancer; skin damage, and sun burn, sunbeds aren’t great for tattoos either.  

With the summer abruptly coming to what looks like the end in the UK right now, some people may be tempted to switch to sunbeds to get their dose of sun. This isn’t uncommon, with many .Brits want to stay on top of their tan for as long as possible by ‘topping it up' with sunbeds, but aside from the serious health risks that sunbed use can cause, they’re actually really bad for your tattoos. 

Just like with natural sun exposure, sunbeds will fade your tattoos over time, and they’ll end up looking lifeless, with the colour drained from them. Even your black and grey, or blackwork tattoos aren’t safe. Yes, sun cream can be applied before a sunbed session but it will only offer limited protection, and bear in mind it cannot be used on new tattoos that are still healing. You can also get hold of Tattoo Goo Renew with SPF50, but we'd still advise avoiding sunbeds at all costs. Tattoos are an investment, and it seems pointless to pay so much money for something so permanent (and so painful), to not look after it afterwards. 

So what can you do if you’re set on keeping that golden tan?  Fake tan is a great alternative to using sunbeds. Nowadays, there are some brilliant tanning lotions, foams, and sprays out there that not only look realistic, but they don’t smell as bad as they used to either! As long as your tattoo is completely healed then you’re good to go. Fake tan can be applied over healed tattoos just like on normal skin, and it won’t do any damage at all. Ok, so it will still temporarily discolour your tattoos and they won’t look as vibrant as usual, but at least it carries no health risks, and if you really want to you can tan around your tattoo! 

Don’t forget, if you’re still planning on hitting the electric beach once summer has ended, just make sure you take the appropriate precautions, and limit the amount of time spent on the sunbeds. Why not check out Tattoo Goo Renew with SPF50 and give your tattoos some protection against the sun. 

Love Toni

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  • Antonia McLoughlin