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Superb Snowman Tattoos | Dynamic Heavy White

It’s officially only a couple of weeks until Christmas. The festive season is finally upon us and if we’re lucky enough then this year may be a white Christmas. A snow filled Christmas day is always magical. A brilliant white sheet of glistening snow that stretches across towns and fields is the most picturesque aspect of Christmas, and of course with snow comes snowmen! 

Snowmen are a beautiful cheerful reminder of childhood fun. A lot of happiness can be had from the simple task of building and decorating a snowman, along with treasured memories. Its not surprising then, that many people choose to get snowmen tattooed on them. Just like with decorating a snowman, the art of tattooing a snowman and picking what type of buttons, hat, scarf, and any other kind of decorative accessory can be a really fun process! The brilliant white body of the snowman can be achieved with Dynamic Heavy White to create the super bright snowy glow! 

If you’re a fan of snowmen and tattoos, then why not check out these superb Snowmen tattoos! 

First up, who could forget the classic Christmas animation ‘The Snowman’. An absolutely beautiful cartoon that features the Aled Jones Christmas song ‘Walking in the Air’. This Snowman snow globe tattoo is stunning. 

A really cool new school style tattoo from Scotty Munster. A freaky distorted snowman surrounded by mushrooms for a Christmas with a twist! 

Another incredible new school piece from Josh Herman. This poor snowman is blowdrying himself with some serious heat. An amazing tattoo! 

A snowman skull done by Curtis Aldrich. This creepy piece is a brilliantly macabre twist on a classic snowman. 

Done by the incredibly talented Toni Gwilliam, we absolutely love this super cute cupcake snowman! A lovely piece of work. 

A grizzly black and grey snowman smoking a pipe! A really interesting hand tattoo. Excellent work! 

This Snowman babble piece by Kevin Ray is adorable. The detail here is lovely and it’s the perfect piece for those who want an all year round reminder of the festive period.

We'd really like to see more snowman themed tattoos over the Christmas period, so if you’ve created any then why not get in touch? It’d be great to see some realistic style pieces! Don’t forget that we will be shut for a few days over the Christmas, so make sure you stock up on all of you supplies and get your hands on some Dynamic Heavy White if you’re going to be creating any snowman tattoos! 

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin