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MTS Blog — 13 tattoo


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It's been an incredibly difficult time for the tattoo industry over the past month with due to the presence of Coronavirus Covid-19, and life has quickly changed for many people.  With small businesses and the self-employed in particular being affected due to compulsory closures and the implementing of social distancing, there's a lot of uncertainty faced by tattoo artists right now. 

Libra Tattoos for September / October - Dermalize Tattoo Film 0

Astrology is a fascinating thing, and whether or not you're a believer in what the stars behold, it's always fun to check out your weekly horoscope! If you're celebrating your birthday this month, then we hope you have a good one, Libra! The Libra zodiac sign represents people born between 24th September and 23rd October, and is represented as a pair of ‘scales’.  The scales signify balance, emphasising the Libran's well-balanced and fair nature, and want for justice.  

Unlucky for some, but not for others - Friday the 13th Tattoos | Buy Panthera XXX Tribal Black Tattoo Ink online 0

The month of July welcomed the second of the two Friday 13tbs in 2018. Friday the 13th is an important day for many tattoo artists; a day that is engrained into the culture of the tattoo community. Traditionally, tattoo artists offer £13 tattoo flash on Friday the 13th.  The flash often consists of typically lucky symbols such as cats, horseshoes and covers etc, accompanied by the number 13. 

How to Get a Tattoo Apprenticeship | Buy Tattoo Apprentice Kits online 0

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Before you
 become a professional tattoo artist, you have to go through an apprenticeship firstGetting an apprenticeship means having an impressive tattoo career ahead of you. Although it is not easy to get one, prepare for, and pay for, it is worth all the hard work (and money). All of this is for a reason. Apprenticeships are not only a crucial training period, they are a rite of passage. 

Before you can earn a good living honing your craft, you'll need to learn the basics of tattooing, and be trained under a reputable artist.  
Here are a few tips on how to get yourself a tattoo apprenticeship.