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MTS Blog — cancer tattoo


Horoscope Tattoos - Cancer the Crab | Tattoo Stencil Solution 0

June 22nd to July 22nd is represented by the star sign Cancer. Cancer is a water sign, characterised by the crab. If you fall under this mysterious star sign, then you may have been described as an intuitive individual, who can seem quite cold and stand offish at first impressions, but once Cancer has decided to befriend you, you’re sure to have a friend for life. 

Star Sign Tattoos for June | Tattoo Machine Accessories 0

Star sign tattoos are a popular theme for tattoo lovers.  Astrology can be very intriguing, and for those who follow their horoscopes, it can be a very important aspect indeed.  The beautiful thing about Star signs is that there’s often a lot of various symbolism attached to each sign, which leaves tattoo lovers with infinite options when it comes to deciding which tattoo design to get.