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MTS Blog — colour realism tattoos


Beautiful Realism by Simon Smith - Buy EasyTattoo Aftercare Online 0

We recently welcomed incredible tattoo artist Simon Smith to our Pro-Team, and we're ecstatic to have him on board. 

Tattooing since 2015, Simon works from and owns Signature Skin Art in Aberdeen.  He loves both colour and black and grey tattooing, but he specialises in black and grey work.  His work often has a surreal vibe to it, and we especially love the hyper realistic pieces he does. 

Incredible Realism Tattoos by Dawid Dudek - Buy Cleaning Supplies 0

This year we welcomed realism artist Dawid Dudek to our team of sponsored artists, and we wanted to share some of the incredible work that he has made.  Tattooing from the recently established Bank Street Tattoo in the heart of Dundee, Dawid's work largely consists of black and grey, and colour realism, with animals, lady faces, and skulls featuring as a common theme. 

Incredible portrait tattoos from Martin Thornton | Buy a Tattoo Supplies Gift Card online 0

This week we're taking a look at some of the incredible portrait tattoos done by our extremely talented sponsored artist Martin Thornton.  We're really honoured to have Martin on our team of sponsored artists, and love seeing the work he does each week.  Martin treasures everything about his career as a tattoo artist, and he feels it's more of a passion than a job.  He began tattooing around 6 years ago, with art always being a big part of his life he wanted to ensure he secured a career in the art industry that he loves.  Martin went on to open his tattoo studio Ink Envy in Halesowen, and he's never looked back!

Colour Realism Tattoos | Andrea Afferni Portrait Set 0

Colour Realism is a style of tattooing that appears to be timeless. It’s a fine art style that captures the complete likeness of the real object or subject. Realistic tattoos literally are as real as can be, and people are often amazed at how lifelike the tattoo can appear. They’re extremely detailed with a lot of time going into the tattoo to ensure that every last detail, shadow, and tone is captured in order for it to look as real as possible.