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MTS Blog — cover up


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Ever had a tattoo that you've later come to regret?  I know I certainly have, and thankfully my brilliant tattoo artist was able to sort it out for me.  As I've discussed in previous posts, I have a couple more that I'd like to get rid of, however after chatting with my tattoo artist about this, he's insisted that laser is the only way, due to the size of the tattoo, and depth of the colours (unless I wanted to completely black out my feet, which didn't seem too appealing to me!)

For many, cover up tattoos are the go-to solution for when they have a tattoo that they deeply regret.  For some, it's not so much that they regret the tattoo - the content might be cool, but the composition may be letting it down, and covering it up with a new and improved piece is a great option.