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Beautiful Snowglobe Tattoos | Buy White Tattoo Ink online 0

Winter is coming! It's officially cold and icy, and the John Lewis advert aired on television yesterday, which can only mean one thing.. It's Christmas!... Well, not quite yet, but festive season is certainly underway, with towns and villages switching on their Christmas lights, and some people already putting up their Christmas trees. 

So, to get into the Christmas spirit, we wanted to take a look at some super sparkly snowglobe tattoos. For those who want an all year round reminder of Yule Tide, a snowglobe tattoo is the perfect addition. They're cute and versatile, and they make for a perfect tattoo. You can literally pick any landscape or scene to represent your favourite place, and they work especially well as a neo-trad piece. 

Incredible Pumpkin Art | 0

It's not just tattoo art that we're into at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, and this Halloween we wanted to take a look at another eye-catching art form; Pumpkin Art. Pumpkin carving has always been a fun Halloween activity, especially for kids who can go and visit a pumpkin patch and pick their own pumpkins! With the rise of social media, we’ve seen a tonne of pumpkin art which is quite frankly breath taking, with the next design more elaborate than the last. 

In particular, we’re loving the intricate designs by award winning artist Alex Wer. His pop-culture pumpkins are totally insane, and just like tattoo art, we can’t get enough of them. If you love all things Halloween then check out this incredible Pumpkin Art right here...

Brilliant Bonfire Tattoos | Buy Tattoo Face Masks online 0

The clocks went back last weekend, which means darker evenings and crisp cold nights, and November just around the corner, and the 5th November is near! 'Bonfire night' a tradition celebrated widely in the UK is an evening of fireworks, sparklers, and of course bonfires.

Bonfire night came about because of Guy Fawkes - who plotted to blow up the houses of parliament. You've heard the rhyme - 'gunpowder treason and plot?'. Although Bonfire Night isn't really spoke of in a political sense nowadays, it's still a huge event in the UK that brings people together to watch beautiful firework displays and bonfires, accompanied by toffee apples, hog roasts, and sparklers. 

Spooky Skull Tattoos | Buy Solid Ink tattoo ink online 0

This Halloween, we've been admiring an array of spooky-themed tattoos.  From zombies to witches, and pumpkins to devils.  This is just some of the creepy content featured in the tattoos of horror lovers, and we can't get enough of it.  A common theme that crops up in tattoo culture, whether it's Halloween or not, is skulls.  No matter the time of year, skull tattoos always will always be popular.  Not just for those who are into the macabre, skulls don't have to represent doom and gloom and death.  They can work really well as classic traditional tattoos, and they can also celebrate life, through Sugar Skulls for Dia De Los Muertos. 

Amazing American Horror Story Tattoos | Tattoo Power Supplies 0

The weird and wonderful FX hit tv show 'American Horror Story' recently returned to our screens in the form of much-anticipated new season '1984'.  This year's installation of the dark and twisted tv series is based on 80's slasher movies, which we think is a pretty good basis for a horror tv show!  It may not feature the original cast and familiar faces that we're used to seeing with the AHS series, but it's certainly worth a watch so far!

Zombie Tattoos for Halloween | Buy the Eternal Tattoo Ink Zombie Colour Range 0

Here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we all love a good zombie movie (or TV show for that matter).  With so many cult classic zombie films such as Evil Dead, zombies are both feared, and marvelled over in pop culture today!  With the Walking Dead quickly becoming one of the most watched TV shows, with 17.3 million viewers by season 5, zombies are popping up everywhere, especially around Halloween!