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MTS Blog — Magnum Tattoo Supplies


Brilliant Bunny Tattoos by Charlotte Ann Harris | Buy the Neutral Grey Set online 0

We love seeing the cute and colourful tattoos that our Sponsored Artist Charlotte Ann Harris creates each week, and we especially love her work because a lot of the subject matter featured in Charlotte’s tattoos are animals. 

Known for her pet portraits, Charlotte’s clients flock to her to commemorate their beloved pets, as they know she'll do an amazing job at capturing their likeness, and making them look as cute and cuddly as possible!  One animal in particular that we love seeing in the form of Charlotte’s tattoos are bunnys.  They’re gorgeous and floppy, and always make for a great tattoo! 

Tattoos and Airline Companies | Popular brands of Tattoo Ink 0

This month, we were pleased to learn that airline company Air New Zealand has made the decision to end the ban on staff having visible tattoos. This, according to Air New Zealand has been done in a bid to allow staff to 'express cultural and individual diversity'., and to liberate their employees.   There are plenty of New Zealanders who want to be able to pay homage to their Maori heritage and have tattoos that proudly express their genealogy. So, as of September, all employees will be able to display 'non-offensive' tattoos in their place of work. 

Best 'US Office' Tattoos | Buy Stencil Honey online 0

The Office is probably (most definitely) undoubtedly one of the best TV shows in the history of television.  The Office has given us 9 seasons of unrivaled comedy from the crew at Dunder-Mifflin. With so many hilarious characters to choose from, it's hard to pick which Scranton-based paper salesman you love the most. On the one hand, we absolutely love Jim Halpert, and we couldn't keep our eyes off the Jim and Pam saga, but we're also staunch followers of highest-ranking salesman Dwight K Schrute and his maniacal ways.  Not forgetting everyone's favourite manager Michael Scott!

Tattoo Interview with Craig Startin | Buy Tattoo Supplies online 0

This week, we interviewed tattoo artist Craig Startin, owner of Big Will's Tattoo Studio in Lichfield. We caught up with Craig to find out what he's been up to recently in the world of tattooing, and we delved a little deeper into Craig's tattoo career to discover how he established himself as a talented tattoo artist, and what his goals are for the future.  Read the full interview here:

Sassy Spice Girls Tattoos | Buy the Hurricane Tattoo Supply online 0

If you're a 90's baby (or an 80's baby for that matter), then you'll no doubt have been a die-hard fan of the Spice Girls at one point in your life! erhaps you still are? The group who brought 'Girl Power' into our lives are back!  The fabulous fivesome consisting of Baby, Scary, Posh, Sporty and Ginger Spice were an absolute sensation back in their heyday, and now they've just made possibly the biggest comeback in music history with a UK tour.  On Wednesday night they were in Manchester, (minus Victoria) belting out their greatest hits to hordes of screaming fans, and that's just the beginning. 

Temporary Tattoos - For those who don't want to take the plunge just yet | Fake Tattoo Sleeves 0

Temporary tattoos can be super fun.  The first time you probably encountered one was in the form of a prize from a gumball vending machine (one of those really old ones where you put a 20p piece in, twist the big metal dial and a plastic pod containing a sweet and a temporary tattoo cut out was waiting for you).