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Manchester International Tattoo Show 0

The most loved and much awaited tattoo convention in the UK is almost here! It will be held next month October 29 – October 30th at Manchester Central Convention Complex! Tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts are all excited. If you’re thinking of attending the Manchester International Tattoo Show, here are some of the things to expect during this two-day affair. 

Obviously you will meet and see a lot of tattoo artists, tattoo shop owners, vendors selling tattoo supplies, clothing, and other tattoo related items. Aside from that you’ll also see a lot of tattoo enthusiasts, including those who are wanting to have their bodies as canvasses. Hundreds of tattoo artists from around the world will be there, so this event is perfect not only for those wanting to get inked but also for aspiring tattoo artists wanting to get apprenticeship. Some artists will be coming from Thailand, Turkey, Cyprus, Spain, France, Netherlands, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, South Africa, and of course the well-known tattoo artists in the UK.  

If you’re planning to get a tattoo during this two-day event, here are some tips that might come on handy. First, checkout the conventions Facebook Page and see the list of tattoo artist who will be participating in the event, though these artists will accept “walk-ups” keep in mind that thousands of people are expected to attend the event, and pre-booking is the safest option. Second, don’t be afraid to ask questions and make a conversation to make your experience worthwhile. 

If you don’t feel like getting tattooed, there are quite a lot of other activities you can do during this convention. This is your chance to meet, chat, and take a photo with your favourite tattoo artists, but make sure that you don’t bother them too much when they are doing an actual tattoo on a client. Aside from that, there will be a lot of vendors selling clothes, artworks, and other memorabilia, most of the vendors deal with cash only transactions so bring cash to avoid hassle. 

You shouldn’t worry about getting bored during the event, because aside from tattoo sessions there will be bands playing different types of music, burlesque, and some magic and freak-shows. There’s face painting, henna sessions, and tarot card reading.  

Another most awaited happening during the event is the Skin Deep Contest, where some of the highest standard tattoos will be judged. Different tattoo artists will be competing and will be judged on the mainstage based on the design, creativity, and quality of their work. The awards for this contest includes: (For Saturday) Best Oriental, Best Traditional, Best Blackwork, Best Colour, Best of Saturday, (For Sunday) Best Avante Garde, Best Black and Grey, Best Realism, Best of Sunday and Best of Convention. 

If you feel that even after participating in all the mentioned activities above are still not enough, you may join the after-show party at the REVOLUTION BAR (Deansgate) just a few minutes away from the Manchester Central Convention Complex.

Things to avoid when getting your first tattoo 0

For first timers, getting a tattoo can be very frightening. Especially when you hear your tattoo artist asks you questions like “Are you sure about this? Are you happy with the design? Is this the size you want?” and then follow it with a “You have to be sure, it’ll be there forever” - statement. But if you really really want to get a tattoo, nothing should stop you. It can be scary, yes, but it will also be an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Tattoo artists can be very intimidating at first, but believe me, they are more than willing to answer any questions you have, so do not be afraid to ask.

If you’re thinking of getting your very first tattoo, you better read this list I made on which things you should avoid when getting your first tattoo.

  • Before anything else, do not forget to research for a tattoo artist. Aside from the design, choosing the tattoo artist is one of the most important thing to consider, especially if it’s your first time. You don’t want to get traumatised and regret getting a tattoo right? Google and search for tattoo artists near your area. You can also look for tattoo artists on Instagram. Most tattoo artists use Instagram to post their portfolio. Read reviews, ask your friends, and ask recommendations from online groups. Facebook is a great place to search for groups related to tattoos.
  • As I mentioned earlier, you should not be afraid to ask questions. Don’t get intimidated with your tattoo artist. Ask them anything tattoo-related. Ask them about the ink, the needles, tips on caring for a healing tattoo, and on how to maintain the vibrancy of your tattoo. This will help you feel more comfortable while getting your tattoo.
  • Asking questions isn’t enough. Do not hesitate to speak up, if you have comments on the design, size, colour, etc. Remember, it’s your skin, and getting a tattoo removed is more painful than getting a tattoo. Communicate with your artist and tell him if you want to adjust the size, or the design of your tattoo. I’m sure they’ll understand. Aside from the fact that you are paying them for their service you should not forget that your tattoo will be there forever (unless you have it removed.)
  • Don’t rush it. Not all tattoo parlours accept walk-ins, especially in-demand artists. Don’t be impatient, and make sure you book an appointment so you don’t waste your time travelling to the tattoo parlour only to find out you won’t be accommodated.
  • Don’t choose an artist because he or she gave you the cheapest quote, and by “cheapest” I mean CHEAPEST. Don’t sacrifice the design and quality of your tattoo just because you want to save money. Tattoos are permanent so you might want to save money to get the best quality tattoo artist to do it. 
  • Don’t doubt your tattoo artist. Experienced tattoo artists have seen and done lots of tattoos, so when they suggest something like size or tattoo placement, trust them. They probably know what will and won’t work.

Antibacterial Tattoo Soap and other Tattoo After-Care tips 0

The process of getting a tattoo doesn’t end with you leaving the tattoo shop. It will take few more days before you see the final outcome. When your tattoo has fully healed, that’s when you can finally say it’s finished. To give you an idea on your tattoo’s healing process, I’ve made a list of the different what to expect, what to avoid, and what to do while your tattoo is healing.

Once your tattoo is finished, the tattoo becomes an open wound. It will be washed and bandaged by your artist to prevent infection and bacteria. Some artists recommend that you keep your tattoo covered for 24 hours, some will recommend that you remove the bandage immediately once you get home. I prefer to remove the bandage immediately once I get home, to let it breathe and to avoid the bandage sticking to the wound.

The pain, and healing process will depend on your tattoo. Tattoos that are bigger in size take more time to heal and are more painful. Some even get fevers. When it becomes too painful for you to bear, you can take a pain reliever. It’s normal for the tattooed area to become reddish and a bit swollen.

You can take a bath even if your tattoo hasn’t fully healed. Just make sure to use an antibacterial tattoo soap, avoid scrubbing, and wash it as gentle as possible. Ask your tattoo artist if they have an antibacterial tattoo soap brand they recommend. It is not advisable to soak in a bath tub while your tattoo is still in its healing process. Soaking in a tub, or swimming in pools, or the sea might cause infections to your tattoo, and that’s the last thing you want to have. Wash your tattoo twice a day with the antibacterial tattoo soap.

The tattooed area will start to become dry and form scabs as it heals. When this happens, it will start to itch. Make sure you do not scratch or peel your tattoo or else, it will have white spots when it’s fully healed. You can moisturize your tattoo by applying a lotion recommended by your artist. You should also avoid being exposed to direct sunlight because it can cause your tattoo to fade. Since your skin is still healing and recovering, expect it to be very sensitive, exposing it to sunlight can cause burning, and other irritations. The scabs will peel and fall off on its own. You will notice that your tattoo won’t be as sharp and vibrant as it was before it peeled. It is perfectly normal. The colour will improve once the tattoo is fully healed.

The healing process might take three to four weeks. During this period, it is important to observe your skin and your tattoo very well. If you notice anything that was not mentioned here, it’s best that you contact your tattoo artist right away. He can give you advise on how to care for a tattoo that has been infected.

Most Common Things Tattoo Artists find Annoying 0

Tattoo artists are called artists for a reason. They aren’t just some slave you pay to put ink on your skin. These people are skilled professionals who spent years to study the art, and just like everybody else tattoo artists should be treated with respect. Having a tattoo supply shop, I’ve encountered and spoke with a lot of tattoo artists. Some of them even became good friends. One of the most discussed topics aside from technicalities of tattooing, are their experiences as tattoo artists. We recently talked about some annoying things customers do when they enquire or while they get their tattoo. I’ve listed down some of these thing so you know what to avoid when dealing with tattoo artists.

Late and No Show Clients

Time is precious even for artists who don’t work regularly like the 8-5 people. And really, who wants getting stood up right? If you book an appointment with tattoo parlours or tattoo artists, make sure you show up, and when you do please be on time. If you can’t make it on time or if you suddenly felt you’re not yet ready to get a tattoo, have some courtesy and inform them ahead of time. This way they won’t waste time waiting for someone who will never show up, and they can give your slot to another customer.

Bringing the Whole Crew

I understand, getting a tattoo is an amazing experience and you want your friends to witness that unforgettable experience. But you don’t have to bring your whole neighborhood, or your whole clan. One or two is enough, not because they won’t fit in the tattoo shop, but because the noise of people chattering, asking questions, and taking photos will disturb your artists focus. The last thing you want is an artist putting a permanent ink on your skin, and getting distracted with your cheerleading squad.

Cheapskate and Hagglers

Like what I have said, tattoo artists are called artists for a reason. They make art, and art costs money. When getting a tattoo or asking for a quote, keep in mind that tattoos are no different form paintings displayed and sold at galleries. In fact, the art of tattooing may be a bit harder, because the artist uses your skin as the canvass. Aside from experience and skill, you are also paying for the equipment and the quality of ink. Next time you get a quote for a tattoo, don’t scoff and don’t negotiate. It’s rude, and no artist wants to see, feel, and hear their craft undervalued by some cheapskate.


I think everyone will agree to this (except those who are guilty of being know-it-alls of course), in classrooms, in the office, and yes even in tattoo sessions know-it-alls can be really annoying. Experienced tattoo artists know what they are doing, and they know what will make your tattoo look better. Listen to them when they say that the design should be a bit larger in size so it won’t smudge etc.

Keep these things in mind and try to avoid them when getting a tattoo, to make sure you don’t piss your tattoo artist off.

Things you need to consider before getting a tattoo 0

So you have finally gathered enough courage to get your first tattoo. Before anything else here are some important things to consider before getting a tattoo.

The Design

Choosing the design is one of the most crucial part of getting a tattoo. Most people choose a tattoo design that has personal significance to them. Getting a tattoo is one way of expressing one’s individuality. Some people search on Google, Pinterest, and Tumblr. But if you want yours to be unique I suggest you ask an artist to customise a design for you.

The Artist

Once you have a design, or a concept next step is to look for an artist. Ask your friends for recommendations, or search online. Thanks to technology finding a great artist have become a lot easier that before. Most artist have Instagram and Facebook Pages, and use these as their portfolios. Read online reviews to know customer’s feedback. If you’re eyeing to get a tattoo from a well-known artist, make sure you book ahead, these artists usually have a waiting list which can take up to a month or a year.

Your Skin

If you have sensitive skin and allergic to make-ups or other skin products, make sure you consult your dermatologist and run some tests so you know what type of inks are best suited for your sensitive skin. Why? Go ahead and search “allergic reaction to tattoo”.

Your Budget

Heard of the saying, “you get what you pay for”? Well, same goes for tattoo. A good tattoo isn’t cheap, and a cheap tattoo is not good. The price of your tattoo will depend on the size, colour, area of the body, and of course the artist.

Which Part of your Body

Aside from the design, you have to think thoroughly on which part you want your design to be tattooed on. They say the ribs, feet, butt, and neck will hurt the most. But I think it still depends on your pain tolerance. I know someone who found getting a wrist tattoo more painful than getting a rib tattoo, that she even fell asleep while having a tattoo on her rib.

The Pain

No, getting a tattoo does not in any way feel like getting a vaccine. Unlike getting a vaccine the tattoo needle doesn’t go very deep, but it doesn’t mean getting a tattoo is less painful than getting a vaccine. Imagine your skin being pierced by a needle and dragging that needle across your skin, that’s how it feels because that’s what exactly happens. They say the lesser the needle the more painful it will be. But, again it depends of your pain tolerance.

The Aftercare

A fresh tattoo is literally a wound, when it’s healing it will be itchy and sensitive like a sunburn. You’ll notice it will scab, when that happens do not peel it so it heals correctly. Make sure you keep it clean and moisturised. Stay away from the beach, the lake, pool, and even the tub to prevent infection.

Life Lessons you can learn from People with Tattoo 0

Up until today, there are still some people who find tattoos terrible and unattractive. Others think people with tattoo will never have a successful life or career. What these people don’t know is that even though tattooed people are often being misjudged there are lots of life lessons we can learn from people with tattoos.

See what’s beyond a person’s physical appearance

This may be a cliché but people with tattoos can definitely relate to this. Not everyone who has tattoo are gang members, or ex-cons. If you just try to see beneath what you see outside, you will realise that people with tattoos are just like everybody else, except that they are more colourful. Having a tattoo or being friends with people with tattoo teaches you that appearance is insignificant. Don’t miss out the chance to meet amazing people just because of how they look.

Your happiness should not depend on other people’s standards

The fact that there are people who still can’t appreciate tattoos, simply means that not everyone is going to like your tattoo. But who cares right? As long as you love it, it makes you happy, and it makes you feel good other people’s opinion should not matter. Do what you love, and keep spreading positivity.

There’s a rainbow always after the “pain”

Anyone with a tattoo can attest to this. Pain is definitely temporary. But once the pain is over you’ll see and understand that all the pain you went through was worth it. The same goes with life, sometimes you need to make sacrifices to achieve greater things.

Accept and be proud of who you are even though others can’t

Embrace your individuality and uniqueness. Don’t expect everyone to understand and accept you. It’s totally okay to be yourself. Nothing is more painful and sad than trying to be someone you’re not just because someone wants you to. Once you accept and love who you truly are, you will be more confident and realise that other’s opinions and judgement don’t matter.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Getting a tattoo is one hell of a risk, it’s scary, and painful. But nothing is more painful in life than having regrets. Face your fears and don’t be afraid to take risks. If you fail, just stand up and carry on. As the saying goes, “a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

Not everything has to have a deeper meaning

Some people get tattoos because of a significant event in their lives. Others get a tattoo just because they want to. And to be honest, nothing is wrong with that. There are things in life that exist just because, you should keep in mind that not everything needs a universal purpose. Don’t judge someone based on what you think their purpose is.

Money can’t buy experience

One of the most common questions tattooed people get is “How much did that cost?”. Getting a tattoo isn’t cheap, but what does it matter? There are things in life that can’t be defined by money. The fulfillment, experience, and the way you felt right at that moment is priceless.