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Awesome Tattoos of Celebrities! | Tattoo Machine Supplier UK 0

We all have a favourite famous character, some people like to tribute their most beloved celebrity by getting a tattoo of them, we are going to look at some of those awesome tattoos today! Portraits are so tricky to execute as if you get one detail wrong it can end up looking like a completely different person, but these artists really nailed it! MTS is a tattoo machine supplier UK artists can trust so you can certainly trust us to show you some awesome tattoos today! 

Tattoos Affect the way we Sweat? | Tattoo Equipment Wholesale 0

A while ago we did a post about the craze of armpit tattoos that had recently surfaced, and today I have come across several articles that are speaking about a study that found tattoos affect the way we sweat. Apparently, there has been a study that shows that the sweat function is roughly halved on the tattooed skin. Now the study was carried out on the chest not the armpit but either way it is an interesting find. Here at MTS we sell all kinds of wholesale tattoo equipment so we are interested in any studies that talk about tattoos, so let's have a think about this one!

10 Pokémon Tattoos we are in Love with! | Tattoo Ink Colour Sets Supplier 0

Pokémon is a beloved franchise, the recent success of Pokémon go has not only created a whole new generation of Pokémon lovers but it also ignited the nostalgia in all of us that have loved it since childhood. Some people are so dedicated to Pokémon that they have gotten tattoos of their favourite Pokémon, myself included. I saw a lot of great Pokémon tattoos in my video game tattoo post but really felt they deserved their own list! As a tattoo ink colour sets supplier we are excited as it's about to get colourful!

Tattoos on your Wedding Day? | Wholesale Tattoo Machines 0

I read an article the other day about people getting tattoos to commemorate their wedding day, which is a cute idea but it reminded me of other conversations I have had about tattoos and weddings. When I first started getting tattoos and my mum was wholly for the idea she used to say "what will they look like in a wedding dress?", so this article reminded me of that question and that's what I'm going to talk about today! As a company that sells wholesale tattoo machines we like to talk about what they are used for, so the question today is "will you regret your tattoo on your wedding day?

10 Awesome Video Game Tattoos | Tattoo Ink Kits 0

Video games mean a lot to a lot of people, myself included. They provide us with an escape from reality and hours of enjoyment and some of us are truly committed to them! Some people are so committed to video games that they choose to get tattoos as tributes to their favourite games! Here at MTS, you can buy a tattoo ink kit but you can also find lists of awesome tattoos and there are so many out there but we are going to look at ten of our favourites today, so let's jump in!

Love Island's Jess and Dom get Matching Tattoos | Tattoo Healing Cream 0

The popular TV show Love Island's contestants Jess and Dom have gone and got matching tattoos after knowing each other for only two months. Now, this is the kind of story that peaked my interest as I've spoken about getting your partners name on you before but what about getting a matching tattoo with your other half? Is it better or worse? Here at MTS, we sell tattoo healing cream but we also like to ask these kinds of questions so let's talk about it.