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Eggxcellent Tattoos for Easter | Buy the Fusion Pastel Set online 0

As well as being a time for religious celebrations, Easter is the perfect time to indulge, especially if you’ve given up your favourite junk food for lent! Easter Eggs are all around us this time of year, with shop shelves stacked high with all kinds of chocolate eggs. Some chocolate fanatics have taken their undying love for chocolate even further by having chocolate themed tattoos put onto their bodies forever. 

Common misconceptions about tattooed people | Visit a tattoo supplies shop 0

If you’re a tattooed person with a generous collection of tattoos, then it’s quite likely that you’ve been the subject of some odd questions or comments from people who don’t have tattoos (or from people may be tattooed but just aren’t that into the whole tattoo culture thing). There are of course a lot of misconceptions about tattooed people, and tattoos in general. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can visit our Tattoo Shop in Cheshire, we wanted to talk about some of the common and quite often irritating misconceptions that exist about tattooed people

Cool Capricorn Tattoos for December | 14" Spirit Thermal Carbon Transfer Paper 0

Last month we looked at Sagittarius Tattoos, as many Saggitarians celebrated their birthdays in November.  Although the star sign for December is also Sagittarius for a short while, as of the 22nd December until the 19th January, it's all about Capricorns!  The Capricorn symbol is a horned goat, which features a rather interesting fishtail.  It's a particularly cool symbol to have as a star sign, because it's often represented as a Baphomet style creature when it comes to tattoos - which is of course a popular subject matter for tattoos in itself. 

Sponsored Artist of the Month – Amy Ellis | Victor Portugal Greywash Set 0

Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for December goes to an artist who is incredibly talented and constantly produces stunning, clean work. She hasn’t been tattooing for very long, and finished her apprenticeship this year. We’re taking a look at the amazing work done by our Sponsored Artist Amy Ellis. 

Romantic Tattoos to get you in the Valentine's Mood! | Buy Ink-Eeze online 0

So, it's February, it's the season of love, and Valentine's Day is nearly upon is!  For many, February the 14th is a time to profess your undying love to your your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, an unrequited love, or your group of best friends who you love unconditionally!  What a better way to show your love for someone than to get a beautiful tattoo that shows just how much you love them?  Love comes in all different forms, and at Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Ink-Eeze online, we're suckers for a good Valentine's themed tattoo, so we've picked some of the best, most romantic, and loving tattoos we could find!... Check them out!

The best aftercare for eyebrow Microblading tattoos? | SPMU Dry Heal Serum 0

Cosmetic tattooing is forever growing in popularity, and right now it's absolutely huge!  One of the most popular treatments for women, (and men) at the moment is microblading.  Microblading is a really meticulous tattooing process for those wanting a semi-permanent solution to sparse or none-existant eyebrows. A tiny blade is used to deposit ink throughout the brow area, into the upper layers of skin, which results in a natural-looking filler that lasts between 1-3 years.  It's the perfect solution for anyone who is sick of the laborious task of penciling in their eyebrows everyday, and great if you want your natural eyebrows to have more definition and depth to them!