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MTS Blog — old school tattoo


Sponsored Artist of the Month - Mike C Davies | Radiant Tattoo Ink Sets. 0

Our Sponsored Artist of the Month this month goes to one of our pro team members who has been on the Magnum team from the beginning.  This month we're showing our appreciation for Mike C Davies.

Residing in Liverpool, and formerly working from Lord Nelson Tattoos in the beautiful city of Chester, Mike has recently moved ships and now works from Stag and Bones Tattoo in Liverpool.  Leaving Lord Nelson Tattoos where Mike has spent the best part of his tattooing career so far was an emotional time for Mike, however he's really excited to be working from Stag and Bones, and we're sure he'll really enjoy his new venture!  

Welcome to our new Sponsored Artist - Danny Taylor | Buy the Radiant Tattoo Ink Traditional Set online 0

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies we pride ourselves in supporting a brilliant team of sponsored artists who all have a unique style and talent, and very we're pleased to welcome another new artist to our pro team. This week, we've proud to announce our new sponsored artist Danny Taylor.

Happy Birthday Sailor Jerry | Myke Chambers Traditional Colour Set from Eternal Tattoo Ink 0

Last week was the birthday of one of the most iconic tattoo artists to ever grace the tattoo industry. The 14th January was Norman Keith Collins’ birthday. More famously known as Sailor Jerry, Collins made his mark on the tattoo industry in the early 1900s.  Sailor Jerry is known to be one of the most prominent and influential tattoo artists in the industry. Even years after Collin's era, tattoo artists are still widely referencing his work today, immortalising Collin's name in the tattoo world, and carrying on his legacy. 

Sponsored Artist of the Month - Mike C Davies | Eternal Ink Myke Chambers Set 0

Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for November goes to a brilliant tattooer who has been on our team of Sponsored Artists from the beginning.  This month, we're celebrating the work of Mike C Davies. 

Hailing from Liverpool, Mike works from Lord Nelson Tattoos along a talented team of artists, in the nearby city of Chester.  Mike is a custom classic tattooer, and served his apprenticeship in Liverpool when he was 17 years old.  Since then, he's cultivated his own custom take on classic traditional tattooing, offering bold clean work. 

Sailor Jerry and his influence on traditional tattooing | Tattoo Machine Accessories 0

One of the most iconic tattoo artists of all time is Norman Keith Collins, more famously known as Sailor Jerry.  We’re huge fans Sailor Jerry style tattoos here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, and as a UK supplier of Tattoo Machine Accessories we thought it’d be fitting to have a look at some of the incredible Sailor Jerry flash, and also check out some Sailor Jerry inspired old -school tattoos by modern day artists.