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Tattooed restaurant customer didn't fit the 'target market' | Tattoo Cartridges 0

I recently read quite a shocking newspaper article from September, about a man who was asked to leave an Aukland restaurant because of his head tattoos.  Aaron, the man in question visited the 'upmarket' establishment with a female friend, and minutes after taking their seats, they were approached by the restaurant owner who asked them to leave, as he didn't think Aaron was the right 'target market' for the restaurant, and he didn't fit the dress code.  The owner told him he could not serve them because of how heavily tattooed he was. 

True Gent Cartridges have landed! Buy True Gent Cartridges Online Wholesale 0

In the last few years, Cartridges have become an increasingly popular alternative to standard tattoo needles within the tattoo industry, with many artists eagerly switching over to Cartridges after trying them out for the first time.  One of the main benefits of using Cartridges is the efficiency of the set up, and cleaning down process, which is a lot less time consuming for the artist, making life easier!  Cartridges also offer a smoother needle flow with less rigidity than normal needles, allowing for faster retraction promoting a smoother overall motion, producing more precise results.  Although there brilliant tattoo needles out there, Cartridges are fast becoming a preferred tool of choice for tattoo artists, and looking at some of the results produced by Cartridge tattooing, it's clear to see why!  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we've recently became the official suppliers of True Gent Premium Cartridges, and we couldn't be more excited!