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What you should know about inner lip tattoos | Buy Tattoo Goo Lotion online 0

Inner lip tattoos; love them or hate them, they’re a growing trend thanks to celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne. Some people deem them as pointless given their short shelf life, limit to what can be tattooed there, and the fact that they’re 100% unnoticeable, but others love the novelty of tattooed lips, and the fact that they won’t last forever can be advantageous to some.

St Patrick's Day Tattoos | Buy Tattoo Goo Lotion online 0

So, this weekend it's St Patrick's Day, and for some people that means a lot of celebrations and cheer (and perhaps some Guinness!).  St Patrick’s Day is a global celebration of Irish culture celebrated the 17th March each year in remembrance of St Patrick, one of Ireland's patron Saints.  The day is especially celebrated in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, where St Patrick's Day is a Bank Holiday.  Some people rejoice by wearing green clothing, and some throw parties or go to pubs which serve Irish food and drink.  Others take it to the next level, by getting Irish or St Patrick's Day themed tattoos!