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MTS Blog — Tattoo Stencil Transfer


Gemini Tattoos for May | Electrum Stencil Primer 0

Happy Birthday Gemini!  If you were born between 21st May and 21st June, then you'll know all about the traits of the curious and quick-witted traits of a Gemini.  Represented in Greek mythology by twin brothers Castor and Pollux, Geminis are typically associated with a 'split personality', but we like to think of them as being adjustable and versatile, adapting easily to different situations around them.  They're humorous folk who are never boring, but they can be quite restless and easily dissatisfied, constantly wanting more from their surroundings. 

Product of the week - Inkjet Stencil Ink 0

This month we're celebrating the release of an exciting new product that will change the way you tattoo. You can now get your hands on the revolutionary new stencil transfer system from InkJet, which will make your stencil transfers crystal clear.  You'll never need to use Thermal Carbon printers again!  

The quality of the stencils produced using the InkJet system are insanely precise, just like a photograph.  You may have already spotted people posting about this incredible new product on Instagram, and witnessed the most clear and crisp transfers you've ever seen, and if you haven't then we'd highly recommend you take a look at some of the amazing stencil transfers that have been created using the InkJet stencil transfer range. 

Star Sign Tattoos for July | Hulk Superbond 0

Last month we looked at horoscope tattoos for June, and came across some beautiful Gemini and Cancer star sign tattoos. As with all star signs, each sign will overlap into the following month, so for July we wanted to share some stunning Leo tattoos that we discovered!

Liverpool Football Club Tattoos for the Champions League Final | S8 Red Transfer Range 0

This weekend sees the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final taking place in Kiev.  Liverpool and Real Madrid will battle it out at Olimpiyskiy Stadium to win the Champions League trophy.  Thousands of Liverpool fans who've been lucky enough to get a ticket to the final have been flocking to Kiev over the past few days, making that all important journey, hoping to see their team become victorious. 

Football fans often go to extreme lengths to show their support for team, and it seems that Liverpool fans are always extra-dedicated when it comes to pledging their allegiance to their beloved reds, so much so, that the official Liverpool Football Club website has it's own section dedicated to fan tattoos. What a better way than to honour your heroes than with a piece of art that will last a lifetime?  It's permanent, it's visible, and it's the perfect way to cement your love.