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MTS Blog — Tattoos


Creative Christmas Tree Tattoos | Eternal Ink Seasonal Spectrum Set 0

It’s almost December which means that people across the nation are going to be putting up their Christmas trees soon (if they haven’t already done it!). One of the most exciting things about Christmas is the whole process of choosing a Christmas tree, putting it up, and of course decorating it!  Whether you opt for traditional colours like red and gold, or if you prefer a burst of multicoloured baubles, there’s so many ways in which a Christmas tree can be decorated. The possibilities are literally endless, and the same can be said for Christmas tree tattoos!

Do tattoos make you more attractive? | YAYO Familia Tattoo Aftercare Range 0

We think tattoos look great. They can really make you stand out from the crowd and add a certain uniqueness to your whole aesthetic. Tattoos can be a very beautiful way to enhance your features and many would agree that they feel more attractive since becoming tattooed.  For plenty of people, tattoos are a really appealing factor in a significant other, but are people with tattoos scientifically more appealing than those without? 

Tattoo Laws in South Korea | Buy Radiant Turbo Black Online 0

A while ago we blogged about the illegality of tattooing in Japan, and how the laws surrounding tattooing had changed again and again over the past century. But, it's not just Japanese tattoo artists facing difficulty with the law in their careers, but artists in Korea too. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Radiant Turbo Black online, we're interested to know about how tattoo laws effect the tattoo industry in other countries, so today we wanted to have a look at one country in particular. 

Sensational Stephen Hawking Tattoos | Buy Dynamic Tattoo Ink online 0

Last Wednesday we woke up to the sad news that Professor Stephen Hawking had died at his home in Cambridge at the age of 76.  Hawking, who's fondly referred to as 'the brightest star in Science' was a physicist and author of ;A Brief History of Time'.  He contributed massively to modern Science, and his ideas 'shaped' modern cosmology.  Although he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in the early 60's when he was just 21 years old, Hawkings defied the prognosis that he'd only have a couple of years left to live, and he went on to live a happy life until 2018

Wonderful Walking Dead Tattoos | Eternal Ink Zombie Colours Set 0

So, The Walking Dead season is finally upon us, and it’s about time too considering the massive cliff-hanger we were left with at the mid-season break of series 8! AMC's The Walking Dead has amassed a huge cult following ever since it graced our screens in 2010. The zombie-filled hit TV-show has had us in endless suspense with every episode, and now it's back on our screens, we couldn't be more excited!  Each episode follows former sheriff deputy Rick Grimes as he attempts to lead his group of loyal followers to a safer more fruitful way of life, taking down all manner of evil as he goes. We're curious as to whether part 2 of this season will see a conclusion to Negan's merciless reign of terror (but we’re not holding our breath!)

With every cult following comes fan art and tattoos, and The Walking Dead is no exception to this. There’s tonnes of great Walking Dead themed tattoos out there, and as a supplier of the Eternal Ink Zombie Colours Set, we were particularly thrilled to see some of the really cool fan art that’s surfaced recently!

Sponsored Artist Appreciation - Mikkel Østberg - Buy Rotary Tattoo Machines online 0

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies we're proud to sponsor an array of wonderfully talented tattoo artists from around the UK.  All of these skilled artists have their own recognisable styles which makes them really unique, and we're proud to be able to work alongside each and every one of them!  An artist whose work has particularly caught our eye in the recent weeks is Mikkel Østberg, who works at Mint Gun Club Tattoo Parlour in Dunfermline.