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MTS Blog — Tattoos


Sensational Stephen Hawking Tattoos | Buy Dynamic Tattoo Ink online 0

Last Wednesday we woke up to the sad news that Professor Stephen Hawking had died at his home in Cambridge at the age of 76.  Hawking, who's fondly referred to as 'the brightest star in Science' was a physicist and author of ;A Brief History of Time'.  He contributed massively to modern Science, and his ideas 'shaped' modern cosmology.  Although he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in the early 60's when he was just 21 years old, Hawkings defied the prognosis that he'd only have a couple of years left to live, and he went on to live a happy life until 2018

Wonderful Walking Dead Tattoos | Eternal Ink Zombie Colours Set 0

So, The Walking Dead season is finally upon us, and it’s about time too considering the massive cliff-hanger we were left with at the mid-season break of series 8! AMC's The Walking Dead has amassed a huge cult following ever since it graced our screens in 2010. The zombie-filled hit TV-show has had us in endless suspense with every episode, and now it's back on our screens, we couldn't be more excited!  Each episode follows former sheriff deputy Rick Grimes as he attempts to lead his group of loyal followers to a safer more fruitful way of life, taking down all manner of evil as he goes. We're curious as to whether part 2 of this season will see a conclusion to Negan's merciless reign of terror (but we’re not holding our breath!)

With every cult following comes fan art and tattoos, and The Walking Dead is no exception to this. There’s tonnes of great Walking Dead themed tattoos out there, and as a supplier of the Eternal Ink Zombie Colours Set, we were particularly thrilled to see some of the really cool fan art that’s surfaced recently!

Sponsored Artist Appreciation - Mikkel Østberg - Buy Rotary Tattoo Machines online 0

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies we're proud to sponsor an array of wonderfully talented tattoo artists from around the UK.  All of these skilled artists have their own recognisable styles which makes them really unique, and we're proud to be able to work alongside each and every one of them!  An artist whose work has particularly caught our eye in the recent weeks is Mikkel Østberg, who works at Mint Gun Club Tattoo Parlour in Dunfermline.  

Having Tattoos can increase your chances of getting hired? | YAYO Familia Tattoo Aftercare 0

Not too long ago we talked about tattoos in the workplace, and how having visible tattoos on your body (not just hands, neck, face), but other places that are technically easy to cover can have a negative impact on how you're viewed whilst at work, and at job interviews for potential work.  Unfortunately in this day and age tattoos are still somewhat stigmatised, especially when it comes to 'workplace professionalism', and tattoos are still wrongly discriminated against.  However, an article I recently read actually concludes that in some cases, tattoos can be a very good thing when it comes to job interviews and how you're viewed in the workplace!

Sensational Superbowl Tattoos | Buy Dermalize Pro Tattoo Film online 0

We may be UK based, but that doesn't stop us from appreciating Superbowl Season! Whether you're a fan or not, you can't ignore the Superbowl mania that'll be taking over our TV screens this Sunday!  The NFL is absolutely huge in America, and although it's not as big in the UK, in the past few years it's made a massive impact in England, especially with Jacksonville Jaguars regularly playing home games in London, so today I wanted to have a look at some really cool NFL tattoos - seeing as it's quite fitting with this weekend's events!

The best time of year to get tattooed? | Buy Tattoo Goo online 0

People seem really keen on getting new tattoos in the summer months.  Naturally, we wear less clothing in summer as it's hot and sunny (although this is questionable when it comes to the North of England!). Although it's the perfect opportunity to show off your new work, in reality, summer really isn't the best time to be getting tattooed! Of course, it's a bit of a sweeping statement to say that you absolutely should not get tattooed in summer whatsoever, but if you do, it's important to take extra precautions to ensure your tattoo is well looked after - as summer can be a pretty grave time for the healing process of a new tattoo.