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MTS Blog — Wholesale tattoo needles


Terrific Tattooed Seniors | Supremacy Tattoo Needles 0

A question that tattooed people are regularly asked is; 'But what will they look like when you're old?'.  We've always found this question to be quite peculiar, because when we're old and wrinkled we'll probably have bigger worries than what our tattoos will look like, and we'll be extremely grateful if feeling self-conscious about our skin is the most dire issue we have.

Do you really want to hurt me? | Wholesale Tattoo Needles 0

As I have said I am currently in the middle of getting an Edgar Allan Poe chest piece, it started with one of the most painful tattoos I have ever gotten, a portrait of the poet himself. I got this on the right side of my chest and 6 months later I added another tattoo of a ship in the same place but on the left side and it barely hurt at all. Tattoos hurt, that’s just a fact of life and the pain of a tattoo can be weirdly addictive, but sometimes it can just be unbearable. Why was the portrait so much more painful for me than the ship? Well, there are little things you can do that significantly reduce how painful your tattoo is to endure and that’s what I’m going to talk about today because here at MTS we sell wholesale tattoo needles and we want to make sure that those needles inflict as little pain as possible. Saying this it is important to note that we all have different levels of pain tolerance and a tattoo will never be completely pain-free unless you are under local or general anaesthetic but that’s just not common practice, so let's see what we can do to help ourselves.