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Tattoo Aftercare Products You Definitely Need


With all the different types of tattoo aftercare products that are available in the market today, choosing the best one to heal your tattoos can be confusing. Together with the number of products available are the different brand names and manufacturers. You should never make a mistake of choosing the wrong product because it might end up irritating your skin 

Here are some of the tattoo aftercare items and products that are essential for your healing tattoo. 

Clean Towel. After getting your tattoo, your tattoo artist will suggest a certain amount of time before you remove your bandage. Do not take off your bandage ahead of time. When the right time comes for the removal of the bandage, you should have a clean towel at your disposal. Clean and not just partly clean. It means freshly washed, warmed, and carefully isolated prior to usage. Make sure that it is not just something that you just pulled out from the hamper. After you do the initial washing of your tattoo, carefully pat your skin with the clean towel. It is important for you to do this gently because you are dealing with an open wound. 


Tattoo Aftercare Moisturising Lotion. One thing you need to remember is that different lotions have different purposes. You must be cautious of the type of lotion you will be using. Lotions that contain large amount of petroleum and alcohol will actually harm your tattoo and get in the way of your healing progress. One of the best brands for moisturising lotions that is generally recommended by most tattoo artists is Aquaphor. Tattoo Goo and Ink Fixx are also some of the well-known brands that are developed and formulated especially for tattoos.  

Remember not to use too much lotion on your skin to avoid irritation. You can clean your skin with water and prevent it from drying out. Scabs should not be peeled off,  moisturise it using aftercare products. They have to peel off naturally in order for them to absorb as much colour as possible. Stop application and seek medical advise if your chosen product starts to irritate your skin or gives you a burning sensation. It is perfectly normal for your skin to become swollen and a bit reddish a day or two after you get a tattoo. However, if you feel that the swelling and redness is too much and lasts for more than 3 days, it might be a sign of infection. Consult your doctor or your tattoo artist when this happens. 


Tattoo Aftercare Antibacterial Lotion. There are a lot or antibacterial lotions you can buy, but not all antibacterial lotions can be used on fresh tattoos. It might even cause more damage to your skin because of ingredients that are harsh for your tattoo like alcohol. It can even cause your tattoo to fade.  Look for lotions that have minimal to zero alcohol content. Provon and Satin are two antibacterial lotions preferred by most tattoo artists. Remember to put just the right amount of antibacterial lotion to avoid getting complications.

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  • Matthew Nelson