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Tattooing Is Back! Check Out These Post-lockdown Tattoos - Purchase Face Masks Online


Tattooing was on hold for quite some time, but on Monday 13th July, tattoo studios were given the go-ahead to open their doors to customers for the first time in months.  Following the unexpected government announcement just days before, tattoo artists were relieved to hear that they could get back to work. 

It's been a difficult time for many, but we're really pleased that tattooists can get back to doing what they do best!  There's a lot of excitement within the tattoo industry right now, with tattoo artists happily displaying their post-lockdown work on social media.  

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can purchase Face Masks online, we've rounded up some really great post-lockdown tattoos for you to see!  Why not take a look and see some of the incredible tattoos that have been created this week?

Done by Stephanie Melbourne

Done by Amy Ellis

Done by Anthony Lennox

Done by Craig Startin

Done by David O'Neill

Done by Josh Hurrell

Done by Lily J Green

Done by Troy Tuck

Done by Mike Davies

Done by Tony Kennedy 

Done by Mark Gittens

Done by Adam Link

Done by Matt Youl

Done by Scott Wyness

Done by Paul Davies

We're so pleased to see tattoo artists working again, and we're eager to see some more post-lockdown tattoos!  Why not share some of the work that you've done this week?  Don't forget to tag us in your Instagram stories and we'll re-share your work. 

Love from the Magnum Tattoo Supplies Team

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  • Antonia McLoughlin