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Tattoos Affect the way we Sweat? | Tattoo Equipment Wholesale


A while ago we did a post about the craze of armpit tattoos that had recently surfaced, and today I have come across several articles that are speaking about a study that found tattoos affect the way we sweat. Apparently, there has been a study that shows that the sweat function is roughly halved on the tattooed skin. Now the study was carried out on the chest not the armpit but either way it is an interesting find. Here at MTS we sell all kinds of wholesale tattoo equipment so we are interested in any studies that talk about tattoos, so let's have a think about this one!

Why would it affect the way we sweat?

Well, when we get a tattoo, the needle does puncture the level of skin that the sweat glands are located. When Maurie Luetkemeier, the lead scientist of the study, discovered this she wondered if this would affect the way we sweat and thus the study was born.

So... Does it?

For the study, they took men with large tattoos on one side of the chest and applied a chemical to stimulate the sweat glands on both the tattooed side and the tattoo side. They discovered that the sweat production was roughly halved in the tattooed side. That is a pretty drastic difference so yes it does affect us!

Is that good or bad?

More tests will need to be carried to discover the exact ramifications of these findings. If you ask me, and I'm not a scientist so don't take my word for it, they'll tell us it isn't good. I know sweating is an important bodily function, but then again people buy antiperspirant deodorants that prevent sweating so maybe it isn't such a bad thing. The only difference is that the sweat function will be halved permanently because you can't wash a tattoo off in the shower. 

What do you think? Do you think it matters or do you think that the study is arbitrary? Let us know in the comments! Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for tattoo equipment, we have wholesale tattoo equipment in our store so take a look! 

Love Katy...


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  • Katy Jackson