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Terrific Tattooed Seniors | Supremacy Tattoo Needles


A question that tattooed people are regularly asked is; 'But what will they look like when you're old?'.  We've always found this question to be quite peculiar, because when we're old and wrinkled we'll probably have bigger worries than what our tattoos will look like, and we'll be extremely grateful if feeling self-conscious about our skin is the most dire issue we have.

In this day and age, literally every other person seems to have at least one tattoo, and an increasing amount of people are becoming more heavily tattooed, so for the people of this generation, in years to come there will be an awful lot of old aged pensioners walking around with multiple tattoos, so when we're old and grey, at least we'll all be in the same boat!

We love seeing photos of tattooed seniors, just for the sheer fact that they are defying the typical societal norms by embracing their tattooed bodies.  A lot of these tattooed seniors will have had the majority of their work done many years ago when they were a lot younger, and so it's nice to see that they weren't afraid to 'be themselves' and defy any kind of stigma attached to tattoos.  As a wholesaler of a huge range of tattoo supplies including the high spec Supremacy Tattoo Needles, we're major advocates of embracing tattoos and individuality, so let's take a look at these terrific tattooed seniors!

First up, this tattooed gentleman looks great with his old school sailor style tattoos.  A lot of elderly men have sailor style tattoos from their navy days, so it's a really nostalgic look that people can relate to

Tattoos will never go out of style, no-matter how old you are, and this older gentleman pulls off the tattooed look magnificently!  Who says tattoos can't look good when you're old?!

This tattooed senior looks amazing!  We've seen quite a few photos of this lady and she always looks really stylish.  It's great to see that she has her lobes stretched and a couple of facial piercings and dermals too - proving that age is just a number, and anyone can rock the tattooed and pierced look no-matter what age they are!

Another image that seems to be quite a famous one. This lady looks really graceful and her Japanese-style tattoos are simply stunning

People are often hesitant to get tattooed for many reasons, and a lot of people say that they worry they won't be able to cover them in certain situations.  This gentleman shows that you can still have the best of both worlds, and his awesome bodysuit looks incredible!

We love how stylish this lady is.  Her tattoos still look relatively vibrant, and not 'wrinkly' in the slightest.  A shining example of how tattoos can still look great regardless of your age

A cheeky one!  We love how this lady completely defies the idea that tattoos won't look good once you're older. She's completely covered, and she looks amazing

This gentleman looks suave and sophisticated whilst rocking some traditional tattoos. We're sure there's a lot of people out there who'd love to look as cool as this guy does when they enter their senior stage of life!

All of these people are excellent examples of how tattoos can and will still look amazing once you reach old age.  If anything, the tattoos actually give them a more youthful and fun look, and if we looked half as good as these guys do when we're of age then we'll be really pleased. Tattoos are a personal choice, and people who get them are more than aware of their permanency, and our bodies should be embraced no matter what our age is!  So, next time someone questions you about what your tattoos will look like when you're older, just show them these beautiful photos!  For anyone in need of some great quality tattoo supplies, make sure you head over to our store and check out our Supremacy Tattoo Needles!
Love Toni



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