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Terrific Taurus Tattoos for April | Buy Quick Caps Ink Cups online

Happy Birthday Taurus! If you were born between the 20th April and 20th May, then Taurus is your sign.  The second astrological sign of the zodiac, Taurus is represented by the image of a bull. Just like their animal counterpart, Taurus the bull is associated with the characteristics of anger, persistence, and strong will. This of course makes it a great subject matter for a tattoo! 

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and falls under the Earth signs. People born under this sun sign very reliable, practical, folk who are very focused, hence their stubborn nature. They crave stability in their lives, and they know how to get it! 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies we love a good zodiac tattoo, and as a supplier of Quick Caps tattoo ink cups, we love anything tattoo related. If you’re into mystical tattoos and are partial to checking out your horoscope, then why not check out these inspirational Taurus tattoos! 

A lovely neo trad style Taurus piece. Great for those who love full colour tattoos. Artist unknown. 

A very delicate black and grey Taurus tattoo featuring the Taurus constellation at the head of the tattoo. A gorgeous intricate piece. Artist unknown. 

A really sweet new school style Taurus! This is such a cute piece. Artist unknown. 

We love this pretty little constellation tattoo featuring an impressive watercolour backdrop.  Sweet and simple!  Artist unknown. 

Beautiful work! An incredible black and grey piece featuring some cleverly positioned negative space. Artist unknown. 

Why not get in touch if you’ve created some terrific Taurus tattoos? We’re always keen to see the work our customers create, so leave us a message in the comments below! If you’re after an alternative to your traditional ink caps then why not check out Quick Caps which are available to purchase on our website? They’re really sturdy and prevent any spillages of your tattoo inks!

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  • Antonia McLoughlin