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The benefits of Semi Permanent Make Up | Buy SPMU Tattoo Ink online


The popularity of Semi Permanent Makeup has really boomed over the past decade, and with the improvement and development of products and techniques, coupled with the ever increasing demand for SPMU procedures, it's not suprising!

Semi-permanent Makeup (or SPMU) is also commonly known as cosmetic tattooing.  It is a specialised technique that is often refered to as micro-pigmentation - "a process that involves depositing coloured pigments into the upper reticular layer of the skins dermis".

Cosmetic tattooing enhances the natural features of the client - and is often a preferred alternative to invasive surgeries.  It also eliminates the time and effort of a daily makeup routine. With options like semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing,  semi-permanent lip liner procedures to give fuller lips, micro-scalp pigmentation, and micro-blading for eyebrows (which is done with a small blade rather than a tattoo machine), SPMU really is an effective choice for those wanting to enhance their features. 

Of course, there is a huge difference between cosmetic tattooing and tattooing.  Aside from the the main purpose of cosmetic tattooing itself, cosmetic tattooing differs to regular tattooing because creates a softer and subtler outcome as it is done to achieve a natural-looking enhancement. 

SPMU involves the use of pigments, rather than standard tattoo inks. These pigments are designed to fade gently over time, which is beneficial as it allows the artist undertaking the procedure to manipulate the colour and shape of the results in order to work with the clients natural colouration and facial changes. Comparatively, regular tattoo ink used in tattooing is put deep into the subcutaneous layer (hypodermis) of the skin, which is of of course permanent.  The pigment used for permanent makeup only penetrates the dermis which is why it will generally only last up to 5 years. 


At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we stock a range of SPMU pigments which can be used for various semi-permanent make up procedures.  From brands such as Alice Inks, and Ever After Pigments, you'll be spoilt for choice with the extensive variety of beautiful colours and tones.  There's something for every client, ranging from natural colours like browns, blacks, blondes, and reds, to edgier colours such as pink and blue.  

If you're looking to purchase SPMU Tattoo Ink online then check out our full range here.

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  • Antonia McLoughlin
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