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The Best Tattoo Supply Brands & Products for 2021

The tattoo industry is ever changing, and the best tattoo supply brands such as TATSoul, Cheyenne, Radiant, and Critical (to name a few) are constantly developing their products to meet industry demands.  With advances in technology, tattoo supplies are frequently evolving and improving thanks to dedicated tattoo artists and manufacturers alike.  There's so much scope for the tattoo industry when it comes to things like new machines, power supplies, stencil products, and aftercare and the best tattoo supply brands continue to provide the industry with some great products.  

Over the past 6 months or so we've seen the release of some amazing new products from a variety of top brands which are tipped to be some of the most sought after tattoo supplies of 2021.  From battery pack power supplies, tattoo machines with integrated power units, to stencil inks, we'll give you the run down on some of the best tattoo supply brands and products that have been a great hit and will continue to set the bar high throughout 2021.

Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited
It's undisputed that any machine Cheyenne produce is going to be a great one.  Known for their high quality and attention to detail, Cheyenne products are manufactured in Berlin, and they set the bar high when it comes to tattoo supplies as one of the best tattoo supply brands out there. They're definitely a number one choice when it comes to rotary machines, and their latest offering, the Sol Nova Unlimited is definitely a game changer.  Available in a 3.5mm stroke option, and more recently 4mm stroke, the Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited is a pen style rotary machine that comes complete with an integrated power unit.   

Cheyenne’s revolutionary first wireless tattoo machine offers a user-friendly rechargeable battery with a minimum running time of 5 hours and a fast charging time of only 3 hours.  The machine is operated with a single button that lets you control the output frequency of the machine by intuitive motion control (hold button + tilt machine). You also get a spare rechargeable battery with the machine, so there'll never be a time when you're unable to use it. 

Electrum Eco Stencils Printer Ink
Another game changer in the tattoo industry is stencil printer ink.  A step further than thermal transfers, Electrum Eco Stencils Printer Ink comes in the a 4oz bottle, and is for use in an Epson Eco Tank Printer.  Pour the ink in into the printer tank reservoirs, and create the crispest, high-quality, most precise stencils you've ever seen. 

The printer ink really is a huge step up from thermal transfers when it comes to quality and ease of use, and it's proven to be extremely popular with tattoo artists, especially those who specialise in realism and require lots of detail in their work.  One bottle of 4oz ink will cover you for around 3000 tattoos, which is a pretty cost effective way to produce stencils. 

Inkjet Stencil Ink
Similarly to Electrum Eco Stencils Ink, the Inkjet Stencil Ink allows you to create the most precise and sharp stencils imaginable, whilst reducing your weekly/monthly costs. For use with the Epson Eco Tank range of printers, the stencil ink produces insanely accurate stencils that are super clear, making them very easy to work from.  Combine the Inkjet Stencil Ink with Inkjet Stencil Prep Spray and Inkjet Tracing Paper for best results. 

Critical Universal Battery Pack
The Universal Battery Pack from one of the best tattoo supply brands Critical Tattoo Supply only became available in the past month, but already it's proven to be a massive hit. The battery pack converts your rotary tattoo machine into a wireless powerhouse, and allows for easy and intuitive operation whilst tattooing. The wireless batteries are pretty small but they allow for optimum power, with an ergonomic and lightweight feel. 

 The battery allows for up to 10 hours of tattooing, so they'll always last you, no matter what tattoo you're creating. There's 2 options available - the RCA option and the 3.5mm option. The RCA option powers almost all rotary machines on the market that work from 4V – 13V.  The 3.5mm jack option powers almost all 3.5mm connection machines (including Cheyenne!).  Always make sure you check your machine type so you know which battery pack to purchase, and make sure you purchase the battery dock as well. 

The best purchasing option is the Battery Pack Bundle.  You'll get 2 Critical Battery Packs, and the Charging Dock which can charge 2 batteries at once, so you'll never go without. These innovative new battery packs are in high demand, so we'd recommend getting your hands on one fast! 

Musotoku Power Supply Brass Edition
Another tattoo power supply that the tattoo industry is raving about right now is the Musotoku Brass Edition.  Just like the original version, the new Musotoku Brass edition offers a 5A output power and range of up to 16V adjustable voltage. You'll get a clean and pure voltage for your machine with absolutely no fluctuations, and your machines will stay cool even when running for long periods of time. If you need an extra hit of power to start your machine up, you can turn on the Nitro function which will give you an extra boost for the first 0.5 seconds, which allows you to start even the heaviest motors or machines running on a low voltage.  The new Brass shell makes it really easy on the eye, giving a sleek and stylish feel to any tattoo set up. 

Dynamic Grey Wash Ink
The latest offering from industry leaders Dynamic Ink is their long awaited Dynamic Grey Wash Set. A collection of 4 x 4oz grey wash inks which includes the unique blends: #20, #40, #60 and #80, for black and grey perfection. The set was created using their original black formula, which is one of the most popular and most used black inks in the market.  

Dynamic, dubbed as one of the best tattoo supply brands is known for their outstanding quality inks using purest hospital-grade water that is filtered, distilled and UV sterilized in their factory during the manufacturing process. That makes the #00 Mixing Solution in their washes one of the purest and guarantees stable quality and consistency in every bottle.  The Dynamic Grey Wash set has only been around for a few months, but already it's flying off the shelves, and we're confident that it'll be one of the best-selling tattoo ink sets of 2021. 

Radiant Ink Orient Ching Set
Another long awaited tattoo ink set comes from Radiant Tattoo Ink.  This oriental tattoo ink set was created with the passion of the great Orient Ching. The 16 colour collection of 2oz inks was developed by Radiant Ink alongside Taiwanese tattoo artist Orient Ching, whose work is recognised all over the world.  The inks are housed in a beautiful collector's tin, and are contained in all-new square shaped bottles, which look particularly sleek. 

Those who have used Radiant inks before will know how brilliant these colours are. Known for their bright and bold colours, Radiant inks heal exceptionally well in the skin, holding their vibrancy long after the tattoo has healed. An extra 16 colours to choose from in Radiant's extensive range of tones means even more choice for artists when it comes to their colour palette. 

These are just some of the incredible new products that have been added to the market recently and are set to be the best tattoo supply brands and products for 2021, and we can't wait to see what else this year has in store for the tattoo industry once the latest lockdown has been lifted. We're constantly updating our website and social media channels with new and upcoming products for you to get your hands on so make sure you stay up to date. Want to check out the new products featured in our blog?  Check them out by hitting the button below! 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin