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The best time of year to get tattooed? | Buy Tattoo Goo online


People seem really keen on getting new tattoos in the summer months.  Naturally, we wear less clothing in summer as it's hot and sunny (although this is questionable when it comes to the North of England!). Although it's the perfect opportunity to show off your new work, in reality, summer really isn't the best time to be getting tattooed! Of course, it's a bit of a sweeping statement to say that you absolutely should not get tattooed in summer whatsoever, but if you do, it's important to take extra precautions to ensure your tattoo is well looked after - as summer can be a pretty grave time for the healing process of a new tattoo. 

In the summer months, chances are you'll want to go to the beach, your local swimming pool, and on a nice relaxing holiday!  If you've recently been tattooed, then your fresh tattoo is at a high risk of becoming infected or damaged when coming into contact with direct sunlight, chlorine from swimming pools, and the bacteria lurking in the sea. You can use all the tattoo aftercare you want, but this will NOT protect you from the potential threats that your tattoo will encounter when exposed to these things. 

We all know how essential sun cream is in the summer months (tattooed, or not tattooed), but bear in mind, sun cream should never be used on a fresh tattoo that's still healing as this can seriously mess up the healing process. There are a variety of SPF tattoo aftercare lotions out there for  healed tattoos.  You can buy Tattoo Goo online on at our store which contains SPF50, which is great for when exposure to the sun is unavoidable!  But, for new tattoos, it's best to stick to a general tattoo aftercare lotion. 

Even if your tattoo isn't fresh and is 5 years old, you still need to protect it from the harmful UV rays of the sun if you want it to look as bold and vibrant as possible.  Tattoos are made up of pigment, and some of the organic pigments are more likely to fade when exposed to the sun's rays.  Ever left a book out in the sun for a few days?  You'll see how the colour becomes drained and faded when exposed to UV rays, and this is exactly the same principal when it comes to your tattoo, unless you're careful wear sun cream on your healed tattoo, or just cover up when it gets too hot. 

Sweat is another factor that can hinder the healing process of your new tattoo, so it's important to take this on board if you're planning on getting tattooed at the height of summer, or before a holiday. Sweat can potentially irritate the new tattoo, and although we naturally sweat more during the hotter seasons, you can minimise this by reducing your exposure to the heat. 

For me personally, and for a lot of people, the best time to get tattooed is in the late autumn, and winter months.  From personal experience, I find it a lot easier to care for my new tattoo when I'm not dying from heat exhaustion, or desperately trying to avoid going to the beach or pool with my friends!  Another thing to remember, is that tattoos tend to feel really warm for the first few days.  Pair that with waking up on a hot and stuffy morning to find your tattooed skin stuck to the covers - it's not a nice feeling!  The tattoo healing process just seems to be a lot smoother in colder climes, and you rarely have to worry about too much exposure to the sun, or sweating on your new tattoo.  It's a lot more advisable in general, because your exposure to the sun's rays is at a minimum, so all-in-all, winter is a better time to get a new tattoo. 

The only negative side I've found from getting tattooed during the winter, (and this is also from personal experience), is the higher risk of colds and flu. Years ago when I had my stomach tattooed, I insisted on keeping my tattoo appointment when I had a bit of a cold, and by the end of the day when I arrived home from my tattoo, I was seriously sick.  My immune system was knackered from being tattooed all day, and teamed with the mild cold I had, I became horribly ill for about a week. Lesson learned!

This is why it's so important to stay healthy before and after a new tattoo, and eat the right foods to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients essential to keeping your body in the best health possible, resulting in a better healing process for your tattoo. 

People get tattooed all year round, and so they should, but being aware of the heightened risks that come with certain elements, and taking the appropriate precautions during the healing process is an absolute necessity!  So, as long as you cover up, and take complete care of your new tattoo, then you're good to go!  If your tattoo is healed and you're going on holiday this year, you can buy SPF50 Tattoo Goo online at our store - just search for Tattoo Goo Renew!

If you have any tips or advice for getting tattooed throughout the different seasons then feel free to leave us a comment below!


Love Toni...



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  • Antonia McLoughlin