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The Tattoo Industry Is Doing Some Incredible Things During Lockdown - Tattoo Supplies UK


The tattoo industry is facing some trying times at the moment, with the continued closure of tattoo studios and the prospect of artists being out of work until at least July due to Covid-19, it's a time of uncertainty and anxiety being felt by many.  Tattoo artists are understandably worried about life after the lockdown, and are hopeful that businesses can continue safely, and in as normal manner as possible once shops reopen.  Despite all of this, there's still a lot of high spirits within the tattoo community!

With a lot more time on their hands at the moment, artists have been finding ways to keep busy, by painting, drawing up designs for the future, and creating some incredible merchandise that their customers can purchase. 

One thing we love about the tattoo industry, is the sheer amount of love and support that artists have shown to others during this time of crisis. We've seen tonnes of artists supporting artists by sharing and promoting each other's work on Instagram.  Some are also helping out in their local communities and offering support to key-workers and to those who need it.  We wanted to share some of the amazing things done by tattoo artists who are helping and supporting others. 

Angel Wings Memorial by Luke Sayer

Cumbria-based artist, and winner of E4's Tattoo Artist of the Year Luke Sayer recently created a huge 'angel wings' mural on the wall of a Penrith business to show his thanks and appreciation for the NHS and Key-workers of Penrith. The beautiful memorial which beams from the wall of Foundry-34 has put smiles on the faces of local residents, offering them a symbol of hope in uncertain times.  

Along with the support of local business owner Dan Harding of Foundry-34 Restaurant and Hotel, Luke orchestrated the plans for the mural.  With a helping hand from his apprentice and fellow artist Jake Miller, the incredible eye-catching mural was created.

Left to Right: Nurse Rachel Westmorland, Dan Harding of Foundry 34, Nurse Steph Christmas, Luke Sayer (artist) and Ceri Rees (fundraiser). Credit Kyle J Rinder Photography

Luke says: “I’m really happy with the result.  I wanted to do something for the Penrith community and to thank all key workers.  The idea now is for the public to enjoy the mural and take pictures with the angel wings.”  Check out his work here.

Rachel Westmorland, Nurse at Penrith Hospital. Credit Kyle J Rinder Photography 

@TattooShopsClosed Instagram Page - A place for tattoo artists affected by Covid-19 to advertise their artwork for sale

@TattooShopsClosed is an Instagram page that was set up by Dave Winn of Market Quarter Tattoo in Southport as a platform where tattoo artists can advertise their artwork and merchandise for sale.  The page which helps those whose livelihoods have been affected by Covid-19 is a brilliant way for artists and customers alike to support other artists.  Along with a number of industries across the UK, the tattoo industry has been hit hard by the effects of Covid-19, and without a clear indication of when studios can reopen it's a tough time for artists, who still need to be able to support themselves and their families.  Platforms like this which show love and support for other artists are hugely important right now.  It's a great way for tattoo artists to showcase their work in one place so they can sell their prints and merch to customers. 

Make sure you check out this page ran by @davewinntattoo, where you can help and support other artists, by liking, sharing, commenting on, and purchasing their work. 

@TattooShopsClosed Instagram Page

Painting by Dave Winn

A Pickering tattoo artist designs personalised prints in support of her community

Em Hodgson, a tattoo artist based in Pickering has been selling prints of her 'Stay Safe Fennec Folk' painting for just £8 each in aid of the Ryedale Covid-19 Help Network.  Em is based at her studio in The Balance Rooms, a health and wellness centre in Smiddy Hill, Pickering which is currently closed due to the lockdown.  Em has raised £160 so far, and still has around 25 prints available. She says  “All profits from the prints are going to support the wonderful Ryedale Covid-19 Help Network and all the amazing work they’re doing for the community."

If you'd like to purchase one of Em's prints, then email:  Check out her work on Instagram @emloutattoo

Print done by Em Hodgson

It's lovely to see the tattoo industry coming together in these difficult times, and we're all hopeful that artists can soon get back to work safely.  If you, or another artist you know has done some amazing things during lockdown then why not get in touch so that we can share their ventures?

Love Toni
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