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Weird, Wonderful & Mystical Tattoos | Huge range of tattoo ink online

We're obsessed with all things weird and wonderful, especially when it comes to tattoos in the form of supernatural things!  From mystical crystals to enchanted skulls, tarot cards and planchettes, anything that has an eerily interesting supernatural element to it is right up our street. 

So, it's lucky for us that our Pro Team members are huge fans of bewitching things too!  We've came across some absolutely beautiful work done by our sponsored artists that consist of some weird and wonderful designs that we couldn't wait to share with you. 

As a tattoo supplies company where we stock a huge range of tattoo ink online, we can't get enough of these stunning supernatural tattoos.  Why not check them out?
First up, a traditional style planchette done by Danny Taylor.  These spooky little objects are used alongside spirit boards to contact the dead. 
'La Mort'.  A tarot card representing death, but things aren't always as gloomy as they seem when it comes to these cards.  Another great traditional piece done by Danny. 
Old school fortune teller done by Danny Taylor. We're loving all of the gorgeous old school colours in this detailed trad piece. 
A death moth, or a butterfly?  This stunning piece by Stephanie Melbourne features a bright and beautiful butterfly adorned with a skull and some beautiful roses. 

Another gorgeous piece of work from Stephanie Melbourne. Watermelon Tourmaline decorated with a mystical moon and some foliage. 
Georgiie Gibbs is an expert at creating mystical themed tattoos, and we love seeing the supernatural style work she regularly produces.  This star gazing space piece is wonderful. 
The pretty skulls.  'Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil'. Skulls are of course associated with death, however they can be beautiful, and shouldn't be feared. 
A lovely Crystal piece done by Georgiie.  Her clients love her crystal/stone themed tattoos, and we can see why!
If you're into all things mystical then why not get in touch?  Let us know which one of these enchanting tattoos you love the most?  Maybe you're a lover of tarot readings, or perhaps spooky skulls are more up your street?  Either way, we'd love to hear from you!  Make sure you check out our online store where you will find a Huge range of tattoo ink online. 
Love Toni








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