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Why we're loving the LACEnano | Rotary Tattoo Machine


One of our favourite tattoo machines at the moment has to be the LACEnano Rotary Tattoo Machine. This machine is particularly eye-catching with its robotic and mechanical aesthetic which certainly gives it a really unique feel, and weighing in at just 46g, the LACEnano is the lightest tattoo machine that exists!


Its lightweight structure and ergonomic composition is perfect for tattoo artists, as it means a lot less straining and tension on the wrists when handling the machine, so it makes it especially ideal for those who suffer from repetitive strain injuries or carpal tunnel.  Manufactured from the highest quality air grade aluminium, only the best materials and components are used throughout, from the dental grade bearings to the custom autoclavable brushless motor.

It may be small, but don't let looks deceive you, as it's a really powerful machine, with 6x higher power to weight ratio than the best brushed motors out there. It is also fully autoclavable and with no brushes to wear out it has almost an infinite lifetime.  A special algorithm is needed to drive the brushless motor, so you get a LACEnano Power Supply with every machine, which is super easy to use!  With the absence of springs or rubber membranes working against the needle anywhere on the machine, the hit of the needle is completely crisp and defined, allowing you to pull the perfect lines!


It's worth bearing in mind that the LACEnano only runs with regular tubes and needles, and isn't designed to fit cartridges.  This rotary tattoo machine although driven by an electric motor feels much more like a coil machine because the drive system is magnetic like with a coil machine which allows it the same kind of give that you'd expect from a coil machine.  


his nifty little tattoo machine has proven to be extremely popular with our customers who love the dainty composition of the machine and the feeling of tattooing with such a featherweight tool.  It's available to buy on our website for just £380, and it's a really well built machine that will last you a lifetime.  It comes with a certificate of authenticity, and all the components you'd need to run the machine. 

Check it out here: you're loving your LACEnano, then don't forget to drop us a comment in the section below!


Love Toni...



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  • Antonia McLoughlin