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The Wireless Tattoo Takeover: The Future?


It is no secret that wireless technology has been taking over the world for the past few years. We are now able to do practically everything wirelessly, from streaming music to controlling appliances at home. It is no surprise then that wireless technology has become much more commonplace within tattoo studios over recent years. Are you part of the wireless tattoo revolution yet? We'll be discussing some of the main benefits of a wireless tattoo setup in this blog post and highlighting some of our favourite wireless products! 

Best wireless tattoo machines 2022

Benefits of Wireless Tattooing

So what is so good about wireless tattoo machines? Well, quite simply, when an artist is no longer restricted by cables they are more free to create their best work without any limiting factors at play. For example, cords can sometimes complicate things while an artist is in the midst of their tattoo flow. Whether this be the constant pull and weight of a cable, no matter how minor, it can be the source of unwanted discomfort and distract from the task at hand. Also, let's not forget the chances of getting tangled up or knocking something over. With a wireless tattoo setup, simply pick up your machine and go!

Another great advantage of wireless tattooing is the increased level of hygiene that they provide. Given that wireless tattoo machines do not need to be plugged into an outlet, there are no additional cords meaning risk of cross contamination is reduced.

Best Wireless Tattoo Machines

If you've been convinced that wireless is the way to go then choosing your machine mostly comes down to personal preferences. Most of the big tattoo brands now offer a range of wireless tattoo pen machines, each with a variety of adjustment options and features. We'll run through some of our favourite wireless tattoo equipment below.


Bishop Power Wand

Bishop Power Wand wireless tattoo machine set


An ultra-lightweight machine that boasts technology from two of the industry's big hitters: Bishop Rotary and Critical Tattoo. The Bishop Power Wand is an upgraded version of the original Bishop Wand and, just like the original, comes in liner, packer and shader models. 

The Bishop Power Wand can run totally wirelessly thanks to the Critical Connect batteries, which sit flush to your machine and rotate 360 degrees. This technology creates an incredibly compact design and allows you to optimise screen visibility and make voltage adjustments quickly and easily.


FK Irons Spektra Flux

FK Irons Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine

The Spektra Flux is a powerful wireless tattoo machine that can do it all, even with its fixed 4mm stroke. This tattoo pen is powered by the Bluetooth-enabled PowerBolt battery, which not only allows you to make voltage adjustments at the touch of a button, but also connects to the Darklab app to fine-tune your tattoo machine. Thanks to the detachable fast-charging PowerBolt batteries and ability to run a wide range of voltages, the Spektra Flux is a great wireless option for lining, shading and colour packing. 


Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited

Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited wireless tattoo machine

The Sol Nova Unlimited is Cheyenne's first-ever wireless tattoo machine and it doesn't disappoint with its wide range of features. This wireless tattoo pen is available in two different stroke options: 3.5mm and 4mm. Plus, with a one-button operation, all voltage adjustments are made through intuitive motion control—simply press and hold the button and tilt your machine accordingly. The Sol Nova Unlimited also has two different operating modes: Steady Mode and Responsive Mode, giving artists the option to run at consistent speeds or to have the machine adjust depending on the surface that is being tattooed.

So if you're looking to take your tattoo studio to the next level, wireless tattoo machines are definitely worth considering. With increased usability and hygiene standards, it is easy to see why they continue to become increasingly popular within the tattoo community. Plus, with continuing developments in wireless technology, who knows what the future might have in store for tattoo equipment?

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  • Sarah Crookes