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The best tattoos on Love Island that caught viewers' attention


Are you one of the many Love Island fans who can't help but admire the stunning tattoos adorning the contestants? Are you curious about the meanings behind these captivating ink creations? If so, you're not alone.

In this article, we're here to dive deep into the world of Love Island tattoos and quench your curiosity. Get ready to explore the stories and sheer artistry behind the ink in the Love Island Villa, which has caught the attention of millions of viewers.

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Tattoos on Love Island 2023

Sammy Root reveals risqué animal tattoo

Love Island contestant Sammy Root recently surprised viewers during Love Island's Unseen Bits by unveiling a rather unconventional tattoo. The 22-year-old reality star bared it all, revealing a large monkey tattoo on his buttock, which he acquired two years ago during a visit to Ibiza.

The tattoo features a monkey enjoying a cigar alongside the inscription "Ibiza 2021." Its sudden appearance on national television sparked a lively discussion among fans of the show. Sammy appeared nonchalant about showcasing his cheeky tattoo, prompting various reactions across social media platforms.

Tyrique Hyde's symbolic tattoos

Tyrique Hyde, a contestant on Love Island, has a unique collection of tattoos with special meanings. He has a lightning bolt tattoo behind his left ear, which he got to symbolise "strength and power". This tattoo is particularly significant because Tyrique is deaf in his right ear, making his left ear his "good ear".

Additionally, Tyrique has tattoos of his family's birthdays on his arm, a testament to his deep love for his family. He also has a clock tattoo with the phrase "the time is now", a reminder to seize the moment as life is short.

Molly March and Tyrique share matching tattoos

The latest season of ITV's hit reality dating series Love Island kicked off with a surprising twist when new arrivals Molly Marsh and Tyrique Hyde discovered they share matching lightning bolt tattoos behind their left ears.


lightning bolt


Molly spotted the tattoo on Tyrique and revealed she had the same one, leading to exclamations of surprise from the group. Tyrique explained that his tattoo has a special meaning, as he was born deaf in his right ear and got the tattoo behind his "good" ear. While Molly's tattoo was inspired by a "Pinterest quote".

The surprising discovery of the shared tattoo has led many fans to believe Molly and Tyrique are destined to be together. The sentiment was summed up by fans' comments such as “Matching tattoos by accident, maybe it’s destiny” and "Matching tattoos? In the same place?? It's giving soul mates I ship." Currently, Molly and Tyrique are partnered with other islanders, but this unique coincidence has continued to fuel speculations about their potential relationship.

Iconic Love Island tattoos from past seasons

Shaq Muhammad

Shaq Muhammad, the Love Island star, has three notable tattoos, each with its unique significance. On his back, he has a large tattoo written in Arabic. Shaq, short for Eshaq—an Arabic name—revealed that this tattoo translates to "he who loves," symbolising his own nature as a lover.

His big tattoo on his back confused fans when they noticed it appearing in some scenes but not in others. This led to speculation and theories about why the tattoo seemed to be censored or edited out. Fans on social media discussed possible reasons, such as intentional editing or lighting affecting its visibility. However, an official explanation has not been provided yet. The incident has created excitement and added an interesting element to the ongoing Love Island Winter 2023 season.

The other significant tattoo is on his side and showcases prayer hands with the inscription, "God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers." This tattoo perhaps speaks to Shaq's personal philosophy and faith, underlining his belief in resilience and divine providence. The last tattoo is a "Family" calligraphy tribute to his family.

Adam Collard

Adam Collard, the six-foot-five 'ultimate' playboy, surprised many when he chose to get a tattoo of a Disney character, specifically Mickey Mouse, on his right calf. This unexpected choice, presumably, was an attempt to soften his image, making him seem less intimidating and adding a whimsical element to his persona.

Additionally, he has two tattoo sleeves on his arms, with intricate patterns and details, including skulls and Mexican Day of the Dead artwork. One intriguing tattoo is an eye on his fist, symbolising the evil eye and is believed to ward off evil.


skull tattoo design


Adam also has small knuckle tattoos on his left hand and symbols on his engagement ring finger, including a diamond, crown, and overlapping triangles. These symbols represent various meanings, such as wealth, masculinity, and possibly love and marriage.

Paige Thorne

Reality TV star Paige Thorne is known for her vivid red rose tattoo, strategically placed on the side of her torso. Some people think she chose this tattoo because her last name is Thorne, which sounds like "thorn," a part of a rose plant. However, others believe that she may have made a quick decision and picked the rose tattoo from a book of designs at the tattoo shop when she turned 18. It seems like she didn't put much thought into it and chose it on a whim.

She also has a tattoo on her right wrist. Her tattoo represents her family's initials, with "M" for mum, "D" for dad, "C" for Cooper, "F" for Fletcher, and "P" for Paige. Alongside this wrist tattoo, Paige also has a red rose tattooed on the side of her breast, as well as tattoos on her finger and forearm.

Luca Bish

Luca Bish has multiple tattoos that have caught viewers' attention. One of them is a snake tattoo that coils across his chest, which he proudly pointed out while describing Gemma to his fellow contestants. Another tattoo on his arm depicts physicist Albert Einstein, though there is little information available about why Luca chose this particular design, especially considering he mentioned Elon Musk as a genius on the show.

Additionally, Luca has a tattoo of Winston Churchill, the famous wartime Prime Minister, on his right arm. Beneath the portrait, there is a newspaper front page believed to be from 1940. These tattoos have garnered significant attention since the start of the eighth series of the show.

However, despite these unique designs, a lot of fans picked up on the fact a lot of his artwork seems to mirror the ink worn by Harry Styles. Found out more about Harry Styles' tattoo collection here.

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Albert Einstein tattoo design


The Love Island contestants have showcased many tattoos that have captivated viewers. From Luca Bish's striking snake coiling across his chest to his intriguing depictions of Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill, these tattoos have sparked curiosity and speculation among fans.

Whether it's the symbolism behind the ink or the stories behind their choices, these tattoos add an extra layer of intrigue and personality to the islanders' appearances. Love Island continues to be a platform where not only love but also unique and eye-catching tattoos make a lasting impression on the viewers.

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