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Outer Banks star Chase Stokes and his tattoos


Chase Stokes, prominently known for his role in Netflix's sweeping success "Outer Banks" is not merely John B in front of the cameras but an intriguing individual with a canvas of captivating tattoos in real life. Though the Netflix star remains largely mum on the specific stories behind most of his tattoos, fans and followers can’t help but become detectives, trying to weave together potential meanings from the inked symbols on his skin.

So, let's stroll through what we know about Chase Stokes' tattoos and, perhaps, try to unravel some of the mysteries behind them.

But, as we weave through the enigmatic tapestry of Chase Stokes's tattoos, attempting to uncover whatever secrets might be concealed within them, it's worth pausing to consider not only the art but the ink that makes it possible. After all, each tattoo begins not only with a concept but with a choice in quality, a selection of the ideal tattoo ink to bring the vision to life in vibrant, lasting colour.


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"Love, Joan" dove tattoo

In a touching tribute to his late grandmother, Stokes hosts a delicate dove tattoo on his right shoulder, coupled with a heartfelt “Love, Joan” scripted in her handwriting below it.

Stokes, during an interview with Wired in August 2021, shared that the dove symbolises a vigilant guardian watching over him, while the message immortalises the words from the last letter she ever wrote to him. It's a permanent reminder, not only of love lost but also of love that forever lingers.

Dice tattoo

Nestled just near his elbow, the dice tattoo makes a subtle yet potent statement. While Stokes has kept the meaning behind this tattoo close to his chest, dice often symbolise chance, risk, and the understanding that life, in its essence, is a gamble. This ink may symbolise Stokes’s journey in the often unpredictable world of Hollywood or perhaps a personal mantra to roll with the punches life throws.

Smiley-face tattoo: "Frank"

Adorning his wrist is a seemingly jovial and unassuming smiley-face tattoo. Named "Frank" by Madelyn Cline, Stokes's "Outer Banks" co-star, this little cheerful figure might initially come across as whimsical or incidental.

However, given its frequent visibility and occasional spotlight on social media, it’s tempting to speculate that Frank might harbour a story more personal and profound than what meets the eye.

Intricate rose tattoo

Concealed most times but not forgotten, the rose tattoo on Stokes’s right arm has often been a subject of fan speculation. Although Stokes has remained silent about its significance, roses traditionally symbolise love, passion, and, sometimes, link to a complex juxtaposition of beauty and pain. Fans might only theorise whether it speaks to a romantic tale or simply serves as an aesthetic addition to his collection.

"Playboy" tattoo

Above a rose, you’ll find the word “Playboy” tattooed boldly. While he hasn’t spilt the beans on why he chose this word, it might be a fun and cheeky way to nod at his charming and playful image in Hollywood. Or maybe it’s a secret – only time will tell. Fans continue to watch closely for any revelation.

"Mom" tattoo

Symbolising a classic and perhaps eternal bond, Stokes has inked the word "Mom" on his bicep, encircled by a heart and an arrow. This openly visible tattoo quietly narrates his closeness with his mother, Jennifer Canning. Given the actor’s subtle yet expressive showcases of family connections, this ink does not merely decorate his skin but enunciates an unwavering connection with his maternal roots.

Cowboy skull tattoo

A small cowboy skull tattoo adds a touch of mystery and wild adventure to Chase’s arm. Cowboys are often seen as brave and bold, while skulls might remind us that life is short. So, this tattoo could be about being fearless and enjoying all the adventures life has to offer.

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"1939" tattoo

Engraved numerals, especially years, often connote significant events or memories. Stokes's "1939" tattoo, however, hangs within an enigmatic cloud as the actor chose not to divulge its meaning.

Fans scoured his Instagram comments and photo after the reveal of the "1939" ink, yet the meaning remains shrouded in mystery. This tattoo stokes (pun intended) fans' curiosities, inviting them to delve into historical or personal speculations and ideas.

"Hello Lover" tattoo

The words “Hello Lover” are inked in a gentle script on his bicep. Even though Chase hasn’t told the fans about its meaning, it gives off a romantic and sweet vibe. It might be a special phrase for someone he cares about, or maybe it's just something that he likes. It's a little mystery.

Playing card tattoo

Visible in numerous videos, on his bicep, there’s an elegant depiction of the ace of hearts playing card. In the world of cards, an ace can be high or low, showing duality – success and challenge.

Perhaps this tattoo reminds Chase to stay balanced, irrespective of the highs and lows in his career. Or maybe it's a personal symbol of luck, love (hearts), or a significant memory related to a card game. But again, fans can only wait for Stokes to shed light on its actual meaning.

"People Are Strange" tattoo

In a sleek and subtle font between his rose and smiley-face tattoo, you find the words "People are Strange." These words might instantly make you think of the famous song by The Doors, but what does it mean to Chase? Perhaps it's an acknowledgement of the myriad unusual and quirky characters we meet throughout life. Or maybe it’s a personal reminder that being strange, unique, or different is not just okay but something to be celebrated.

Message in a bottle tattoo

A closer look reveals a small tattoo of a bottle, possibly containing a message, under his "Mom" tattoo. Messages in bottles often symbolise hope, mystery, and a story travelling across the vast ocean, waiting to be discovered. This tattoo may be a metaphor for his journey, his stories, hopes, or dreams sent out into the vastness of the world. It might hold a secret, personal story that has sailed into his skin, anchored forever as a personal reminder.

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Chase Stokes, while an icon on the screen, keeps his tattoos and the stories behind them closely guarded. In every ink drop, there might be a tale of love, loss, memories, or simply a spontaneous decision made on a random evening. As fans and admirers, the mystery behind each piece adds another layer to the intrigue surrounding him, both on and off the screen.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz