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Talented artist creates Coronation tattoos for royal fans


Celebrating national events like Coronations or Jubilees is a great way to show off your patriotism, but it can be hard to find the right way to commemorate such an important event.

You may want something special and unique that will last beyond the day of celebration. Traditional decorations are nice, but they don't have the same impact as something more permanent.

In the midst of King Charles' Coronation, a young tattoo artist brought extra joy to royal enthusiasts. As much of the UK watched the Coronation on their television screens, 22-year-old Anna Townsend was crafting royal tattoos that would allow fans to cherish the event forever. Keep reading to find out about how she inked many fans with a selection of custom coronation designs!

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Coronation bunting for royal fans


Temporary royal tattoos

Some Brits take to street parties, face painting, and other festivities to celebrate royal family events. Plus whether it's a Coronation, Jubilee or Royal Wedding, temporary tattoos of the Union Jack and other symbols associated with the British monarchy can often be seen throughout the nation.

From small children to more mature citizens, these body decorations demonstrate a connection to the royal family. Wearing a temporary tattoo lets people join in on the fun while paying tribute to the monarchy. With easy application, removal and safe use, it's no wonder that temporary is often the way to go for royal fan tattoos.


Crown for the royal family


Coronation tattoos

However, for fans who wanted something more permanent than a temporary tattoo, Anna worked hard over the weekend to deliver meaningful Coronation artwork. She came up with the idea of creating Coronation-themed tattoos a few weeks ago, following the completion of her diploma in art history.

Through her Coronation tattoo designs, she aimed to subtly encapsulate the rich history and legacy of the Royal Family. Instead of bold tattoos of royalty (no bold Prince Harry portraits to be seen here), she took inspiration from other elements like royal clothing, jewellery, and regal palace furniture and decorations.

Anna Townsend's preferred method of tattooing is the fine-line tattoo style. Her designs are intricate and detailed, and the style lends itself perfectly to her tasteful Coronation body art.

Among the designs were British icons such as Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear, as well as elegant nods to royalty. For example, her floral garland and understated tiara tattoos were inspired by the jewellery worn by the royal family throughout history.


British Coronation celebrations


Celebratory tattoo designs for royal fans

She hoped that her work would add a little extra joy and sparkle to the event. For many royal fans, her subtle designs held great significance. A historical event for the UK, and thanks to Anna many people now have a unique piece of art to immortalise the momentous occasion. Remember to shop tattoo aftercare to keep tattoos looking their best for years to come.

So if you’ve been thinking of getting a commemorative tattoo for the Coronation or other events, a delicate fine-line tattoo is definitely worth considering.

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