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David Beckham's new tattoo and his iconic collection


David Beckham, the former football sensation turned style icon, has been making headlines not only for his on-field prowess but also for his remarkable collection of tattoos. With each inked masterpiece telling a unique story, Beckham's body art has become a canvas of personal experiences and cherished memories.

Therefore, in this article, we'll explore the latest addition to his tattoo collection, delve into the question of whether he has a tattoo dedicated to his beloved wife, and learn more about the skilled hands behind his iconic body art.

How many tattoos does David Beckham have?

David Beckham is no stranger to tattoos. The British sports legend had at least 67 identifiable tattoos. However, considering his penchant for intricate designs and ongoing additions, the number has likely surpassed this count, possibly nearing the 80-mark. Each tattoo is significant, commemorating pivotal moments in his life, career, and family.

Maintaining the pristine condition and clarity of these intricate designs requires top-notch tattoo aftercare. It's rumoured that products like the MTS tattoo balm have been favoured by many for such purposes, ensuring that the art remains vibrant and heals properly.

David Beckham’s head and neck tattoos

  • Romeo's cross with wings: One of the most iconic of David Beckham's tattoos, it features a Gothic-style outline of a cross with wings. Positioned on the back of his neck, it is a touching tribute to his son, Romeo.
  • Harper's "Pretty Lady": On the neck, David Beckham inked his daughter's name, Harper, and later he added the sentence "Pretty Lady" on her fourth birthday, demonstrating his deep affection for his little girl.
  • Dadda and Buster: Beckham has the words "Dadda" and "Buster" incorporated into his neck tattoos, reflecting the strong bond and relationship he shares with his children, possibly signifying nicknames or terms of endearment.
  • Brooklyn's tribute piece: To celebrate his eldest son, Brooklyn, Beckham has a dedicated neck tattoo that pays homage to their relationship, showcasing the significance of family in his life.
  • Victoria's horse head: Adjacent to the "Buster" tattoo on the right side of his neck, Beckham has the head of a horse inked, symbolising his love and admiration for his wife, Victoria.
  • Birds and black heart: A flock of birds rising towards his left ear is accompanied by a heart in black ink tattoo etched onto the ear itself. Also, on his left ear, he has a tiny rose tattoo. These tattoos likely hold personal and intimate meanings.
  • Hidden solar system: Concealed beneath his hair, Beckham has a tattoo of the solar system. This design reflects his fascination with celestial objects and might represent a deeper, personal connection to the cosmos.


tattoo artist doing tattoo


David Beckham's sleeve tattoo

  • Right shoulder - angel and cherubs: On his right shoulder, Beckham sports a tattoo featuring an angel and two cherubs, accompanied by the words 'In the face of adversity.' This tattoo was added a month after allegations of an affair by former personal assistant Rebecca Loos. The angel is set against a backdrop of clouds, followed by another angel, and the phrase 'Let them hate as long as they fear,' which echoes a quote attributed to the Roman Emperor Caligula.
  • Right arm - hummingbird and Victoria's name: Continuing on his right arm, Beckham has a hummingbird and the name of his beloved wife, Victoria, etched on his wrist. These tattoos symbolise his enduring love and commitment to their relationship.
  • Left arm - cupid and psyche, roses, and Hebrew: On the left arm, Beckham's ink includes a tattoo inspired by Cupid and Psyche, based on a 15th-century painting by Francesco Francia. He also sports a rose tattoo, commemorating the tenth anniversary of his marriage to Victoria, and another image of her further down.
  • Tribute to Victoria in Sanskrit: The inside of his forearm features Victoria's name inked in Sanskrit, although it's been revealed that it translates as 'Vihctoria.' This demonstrates the deeply personal and unique nature of their relationship.
  • Hebrew tattoos: Beckham and Victoria share Hebrew tattoos that they got to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. These tattoos translate to 'I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,' emphasising their strong bond and commitment.
  • Roman Numeral VII and Latin phrase: On his other forearm, Beckham has the number seven tattooed in Roman numerals, symbolising his jersey number during his football career. Below this, the Latin phrase 'Ut Amem Et Foveam' is inscribed, which translates to "So That I Love and Cherish."
  • Right wrist - commitment ceremony date: Beckham's right wrist features a matching tattoo, 'VIII.V.MMVI,' with Victoria representing the date May 8, 2006. This date holds special significance for him as it marks the day he and Victoria participated in a secret commitment ceremony, further cementing their love and dedication to each other.

David Beckham's body tattoos

  • Chest tattoo - Jesus and Cherubs: In 2011, Beckham added a large chest piece featuring an image of himself as Jesus, surrounded by three cherubs representing his sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. This powerful tattoo symbolises the idea that his sons will eventually care for him, reflecting the strong bond between father and children.
  • Mysterious forest lady: On the other side of his chest, there is an image of a lady immersed in a forest, though the specific meaning of this piece remains unknown, adding an element of intrigue to his collection.
  • Chinese symbols and year of birth: A vertical tattoo down his left side features Chinese symbols that translate to "Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honour depend upon heaven." He also has the year of his birth, 1975, paying tribute to his parents and the words 'We Love You, Daddy,' emphasising his role as a father and family man.
  • Father's tribute - ship at full mast: Under his right armpit, Beckham has a tattoo identical to the one his father also got, depicting a ship at full mast, signifying their shared connection and perhaps a shared love of the sea.
  • Religious and native American tattoos: Covering his rib cage is a religious tattoo with biblical script. On the opposite side, he sports the head of an Indian chief and an eagle in flight, reflecting diverse spiritual and cultural influences.
  • Tribute to grandfather - "man of sorrows": A black and white representation of Jesus on his way to be crucified, inspired by the famous painting "The Man of Sorrows," serves as a touching tribute to his grandfather. This tattoo underscores the importance of family and heritage in Beckham's life.

David Beckham's back tattoos

  • Guardian angel: Positioned between his shoulder blades, Beckham's first back tattoo is a guardian angel, symbolising protection and guidance. This tattoo likely holds personal significance, reflecting his belief in the importance of family and love.
  • Cruz, Brooklyn, and Romeo: Below the guardian angel, he has the names of his sons tattooed across his lower back. Starting from the youngest, Cruz, in the centre, flanked by Brooklyn on the left and Romeo on the right, these tattoos serve as a permanent reminder of his role as a loving father and the strong bond he shares with his children.
  • Wings Addition: To enhance the guardian angel tattoo, Beckham later added wings above it, adding a visual dimension to the symbolism of protection and watchfulness.


tattoo artist preparing his tattoo ink


David Beckham's foot and ankle tattoos

  • Angels on the inside of his leg: A recent tattoo that Beckham has added features two angels on the inner part of his leg, spanning his shin area. The intricate design shows a male and female angel closely entwined as they move freely, symbolising beliefs and spiritual dimensions.
  • Lion's face and bird: On his left leg, Beckham sports a lion's face tattoo on his quad, symbolising strength and courage. On his calf, he has a bird tattoo, which may hold personal symbolism or represent freedom and transformation.

David Beckham's hand tattoos

  • Left hand - "love" and swallow tattoo: Across the top of his left hand, Beckham has the word "Love" written in large letters, flanked by a swallow on either side. Swallows are often associated with love and loyalty, making them fitting companions to this message.
  • "Lead with love" and "723": On his left hand, Beckham has the words "Lead with love" and the number "723." The numbers "723" combine his famous shirt numbers, seven and 23, from various points in his football career. The word "seven" is inked on his index finger, the number "7" on his little finger, and a rose tattoo inked on his ring finger.
  • Right hand - hummingbird, "Victoria," and "dream big, be unrealistic": On his right hand, Beckham has a hummingbird tattoo, a symbol of joy and beauty. He also has the name of his wife, Victoria, inked on his hand, signifying their enduring love. The words "Dream big, be unrealistic" are a personal mantra that encourages ambitious thinking.
  • Number "32" and "99": On his right little finger, Beckham has the number "32" tattooed, which is associated with his time on loan at AC Milan. On the left little finger, there's "99," representing the year he married Victoria.
  • Daughter's stick figure: On the inside of his hand, Beckham has a small female stick-figure tattoo, which was designed by his daughter, Harper. This endearing tattoo symbolises the bond between a father and his child.

What makes Beckham different from other octogen-tattoo clubs like Harry Styles?

What sets David Beckham apart from other members of the "octogen-tattoo club," such as Post Malone and Harry Styles, is the remarkable consistency and cohesion of his tattoo collection. While many celebrities may opt for a hodgepodge of designs, Beckham's body art tell a consistent and visually appealing story with high-quality tattoo ink that enhances the vibrancy and longevity of each piece.

His choice of style and iconography, which includes religious and Renaissance artwork as well as elegant cursive lettering, remains uniform throughout his tattoos. Moreover, Beckham's strategic placement of tattoos creates a sense of balance and aesthetics.

Both of his sleeves gracefully extend up and over his pectoral muscles, his ribs are covered from top to bottom in vertical artwork, and his abdomen is left mostly unadorned, creating a striking negative space. Even the tattoo on his back flows naturally with the lines of his shoulders and spine, providing a sense of dynamic movement.

Does David Beckham have a new tattoo for his wife?

David Beckham has added a new tattoo for his wife, Victoria Beckham. The recent ink features the word "Posh" written in cursive on the lower part of his middle finger, beside where he wears his gold wedding band. The tattoo is a tribute to Victoria's time as Posh Spice in the famous girl band Spice Girls. David has always been known for getting tattoos that hold deep personal significance, and this new addition underscores his enduring affection and connection with his wife.

Who is David Beckham's tattooist?

Behind every remarkable tattoo on David Beckham's body is a skilled artist who brings his visions to life. One of his go-to tattooists is Mark Mahoney, a renowned tattoo artist. Mahoney is celebrated for his mastery of the craft and has been responsible for many of Beckham's most iconic tattoos. Beckham's trust in Mahoney's talent is evident in the intricate and meaningful designs adorning his skin.


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Each tattoo that David Beckham sports tells a story — a tale of love, commitment, personal growth, and his journey through life. They're not just body art, but visual diaries documenting significant moments in his life. Proper tattoo aftercare is vital to maintaining the vibrancy and longevity of these stories, ensuring they continue to shine brilliantly for years to come.

His tattoos are a blend of artistic aesthetics and personal sentiment, making them a source of fascination for both tattoo enthusiasts and those who admire the man for the many roles he's played over the years: a football legend, a style icon, a devoted husband, and a doting father.

Whether you admire him for his football prowess, fashion sense, or body art, one thing's for sure: David Beckham continues to leave an indelible mark, both on and off the pitch.


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