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Denver Nuggets NBA players and their tattoos in the 2023 finals


You may know the Denver Nuggets for their impressive skills on the court as they try to win their first championship in NBA history. The finals so far have showcased their exceptional talent on the court, but what about their tattoos?

What lies beneath is often a canvas of intricate tattoos that reveal fascinating stories, personal motivations, and a whole host of symbolism. In this blog, we delve into the world of ink to uncover the unique tattoos sported by some of the Denver Nuggets players in the 2023 NBA Finals! 

It's still unknown who will get their hands on the gold trophy. Remember to use a professional tattoo aftercare product like AloeTattoo Gold Bloom to take care of your tattoos.

DeAndre Jordan's tattoos

The Denver Nuggets centre, DeAndre Jordan, proudly displays a whole host of tattoos that tell a compelling visual story. Adorning his muscular frame, these tattoos serve as a canvas of personal experiences, memories, and symbolic representations.

The lion tattoo on his right pec was one of the first designs he received. Lions are often associated with strong leaders and also courage, two qualities that Jordan certainly embodies on the court.


Basketball landing in net


As a highly religious man, it is no surprise that Jordan has a variety of religious quotes and Bible readings tattooed onto his body. Among the notable ink are the letters "g.w.o.m" alongside a set of praying hands on his lower abdomen. The letters stand for "God watch over me," a testament to his faith. A bible reading can also be seen inked onto the left side of his chest, plus he has further religious tattoos on his arms, as a strong reminder of his beliefs.

Many of DeAndre Jordan's tattoos pay homage to his loved ones through many of his tattoos. For example, a portrait of his grandmother graces the right side of his lower abdomen, while a portrait of his father sits in the middle of his stomach. In addition to these portraits, Jordan has many angel tattoos, which are often seen as symbols of protection and good luck.

He also proudly represents his hometown of Houston, Texas and the tattoo on his right shoulder is a testament to that. DeAndre Jordan is currently one of the most tattooed NBA players in the Denver Nuggets team and his ink is an incredible representation of his personal journey throughout life.

Aaron Gordon's tattoos

At the age of 20, Aaron Gordon got his first tattoo while already making his mark in the NBA. Now 27, Gordon has been steadily adding to his ink collection, although most of his tattoos remain covered by his jersey.

His first tattoo was a bold Yin and Yang symbol on his back, which among other things, symbolises to him the significance of growing up as a biracial individual in America. The design also features a crystal ball, portraying life's unknowns as well as a basketball, Gordon's true passion.


Tattooed basketball players


He has a number of other large tattoos on his back and sides. This collection includes designs such as the Tree of Life, a stunning ape head (a token to evolution), and a mesmerising supernova hourglass, which is a reminder that we cannot encapsulate time.

Gordon also sports tattoos on the back of both his calves as well as designs on his thighs. He has previously stated his intention to keep adding to his skin, with the only exception being perhaps a face tattoo or a full neck tattoo.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's tattoos

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, a key player for the Denver Nuggets, showcases his devotion and deep-rooted beliefs through his intricate tattoos.

He has tattoos on his chest and both of his arms. On his right arm, a display of religious symbols takes centre stage, including the image of a cross and a set of praying hands. When speaking about his ink in the past, Caldwell-Pope explained that his tattoo is a tribute to both God and his devoutly religious mother.

Is there more body art on show in the Denver Nuggets team?

Tattoo artists have definitely been active on the NBA players in the Denver Nuggets. Michael Porter Junior has a small tattoo on his left wrist, which is a series of Hebrew letters. Plus, Bruce Brown has a tattoo tribute to the Boston Red Sox on his wrist.


Empty basketball court


Jeff Green also has an impressive design on his left shoulder and back of his upper left arm that depicts an angel with their wings spread and hand reaching upwards towards the sun. However, Green's ink is not one of the most visible tattoos in the NBA, as he often wears an arm sleeve during games.

Denver Nuggets NBA players without tattoos

In the realm of body art, NBA players have often emerged as true aficionados, building a reputation for their expansive and awe-inspiring tattoo collections. Many of these athletes have transformed their bodies into true mesmerising canvases.

Nonetheless, there are still a number of NBA players on the Denver Nuggets roster who are yet to go under the needle. For example, athletes such as the Serbian centre Nikola Jokic and forward Zeke Nnaji are yet to show off any tattoos in the NBA.

The tattoos of a Denver Nuggets NBA player

The Denver Nuggets players have unquestionably embraced the realm of tattooing, with a diverse mix of athletes showcasing their unique style through ink

As the Denver Nuggets continue their pursuit of greatness in the NBA, it wouldn't be surprising to see more captivating tattoos emerging in the future. Just as their skills on the court evolve, so too might the stories etched onto their bodies.

As a result, no matter the outcome of the 2023 NBA Finals, we remain captivated as we await to discover what other NBA tattoos we may see in future seasons. Whether you're an elite athlete or a tattoo enthusiast, remember to always take care of your ink with a professional tattoo aftercare product.


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