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Uncovering the story behind Drake's new face tattoo


Canadian rapper and global music icon, Drake, has once again captured the public's attention, this time with a brand-new face tattoo. The artist, renowned for chart-topping hits like "Take Care" and "Hotline Bling," recently stepped into the spotlight with a fresh addition inked just above his right eyebrow. The tattoo, written in Arabic script, spells out the word "miskeen."

The revelation of this intriguing tattoo has ignited a frenzy of curiosity and conversation among fans and observers alike. In this article, we dive deep into the story behind Drake's latest piece of body art and explore its significance.


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When was Drake's new face tattoo first revealed to the public?

Drake's new face tattoo was first unveiled to the public in November 2023. Specifically, it was over the weekend of November 20th when the new tattoo, featuring the word "miskeen" in Arabic script above his right eyebrow, came into the limelight.

This revelation was made when photographer Brent Kore posted a photograph on Instagram, instantly catching the attention of fans and the media. The news also gained attention in publications like Now Toronto. This moment marked the first public sighting of the tattoo, sparking widespread curiosity and discussion about its meaning and significance in Drake's collection of personal and meaningful body art.

What is the meaning of the Arabic script on Drake's face tattoo?

Drake's new face tattoo, inscribed in Arabic script above his right eyebrow, reads "miskeen." This term originates from Arabic and Aharic (an Ethiopian Semitic language), where the word translates to "poor." The choice of this particular word for a tattoo, especially in such a visible location, suggests a deeper, possibly personal significance, aligning with Drake's history of selecting meaningful and reflective ink for his body art collection.


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What is the significance Behind the new face tattoo

While Drake has yet to publicly comment on the specific significance of the "miskeen" tattoo, it continues his trend of choosing tattoos that are meaningful and often reflective of his personal journey and identity.

In Arabic and Aharic, "miskeen" translates to "poor," a word with profound implications, potentially symbolising humility, a connection to roots, or a reminder of certain life experiences or perspectives. Given Drake's history of choosing tattoos with deep personal meanings – from tributes to family members to nods to his musical influences – this new addition likely holds a special significance in his life narrative, reflecting an aspect of his identity or beliefs that he chose to immortalise in such a prominent and visible manner.

Drake's other notable tattoos

Drake is no stranger to tattoos that carry personal significance. His body art collection includes various pieces that reflect important aspects of his life and career. Notably, he has his son’s name tattooed on his neck and his mother’s initials just under his eye. Each tattoo in Drake's collection tells a part of his story, contributing to the canvas that is his body.

  • Son's name: One of the most significant tattoos Drake has is the name of his son, Adonis, inked on his body, symbolising the deep bond he shares with his child.
  • Mother's initials: Drake has the initials of his mother, Sandi Graham, tattooed just under his eye, showcasing his close relationship with and respect for her.
  • Portraits of influential figures: Drake has portraits of several influential figures tattooed on his body, including musicians like Aaliyah and Sade, as well as family members and mentors. These tattoos reflect his admiration and the impact these individuals have had on his life and career.
  • Homages to his hometown: He has multiple tattoos paying homage to his hometown, Toronto, including a depiction of the city's iconic CN Tower.
  • Musical tributes: Drake has tattoos that honor his musical journey, including references to his albums and songs that have been significant in his career.
  • Number '6': The number '6', which is a nod to Toronto (often referred to as "The 6ix" by Drake), is also part of his tattoo collection, representing his roots and connection to his city.
  • Miscellaneous personal symbols: Drake's collection also includes various other tattoos that are symbolic or meaningful to him on a personal level, each telling a part of his story.


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As with many celebrities, Drake's choices—whether in music, fashion, or body art—often become topics of public intrigue. This latest tattoo is no exception; it adds to the narrative of an artist who continues to express himself in unique and profound ways. Fans and followers of Drake will undoubtedly keep an eager eye out for any further revelations about the story and significance behind the word "miskeen" tattooed above his right eyebrow.

In doing so, they contribute to the ongoing saga of one of contemporary music's most influential figures. Drake face tattoo is not just ink on skin; it's a conversation starter and a piece of art that will continue to inspire curiosity and discussion in the days and months.

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