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FIFA Women's World Cup stars and their tattoos


People all around the world have been enjoying the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup. So far, we've seen the players' amazing skills on the pitch and learned a bit about them. But, we often miss some personal stories that the players carry right on their skin - their tattoos. These tattoos can speak about hard times, wins, where they come from, and who they are. These tattoo stories don't often get shared.

In this article, we will embark on an intriguing journey, uncovering the stories etched in ink on the bodies of these remarkable athletes. Now that the group stages are over, let's explore the world of Women's World Cup stars and their captivating tattoos.

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Sam Kerr's tattoo collection and their meanings

Sam Kerr, the football sensation from this year's co-hosts, Australia, is not only known for her prowess on the pitch but also for her intriguing collection of tattoos. Each piece of body art she sports carries a unique story, reflecting her personal journey and values.

Qualifying top of Group B, we're looking forward to getting another up-close view of Sam Kerr's tattoos as Australia continue to advance in this year's FIFA Women's World Cup.

Bird tattoo

Kerr's bird tattoo is her first tattoo and is located on her left wrist. Birds are often seen as symbols of freedom, given their ability to fly and roam the skies. This could reflect Kerr's love for freedom and her desire to explore and experience life without constraints. Additionally, certain bird species are native to Australia, which could be why it's said to represent her Australian roots.

Infinity symbol

The infinity symbol, located on her little finger, is a mathematical symbol symbolising the concept of infinity - an endless or limitless quantity. In the context of Kerr's tattoo, it symbolises her boundless love for her family and friends, as well as her infinite strength, indicating that she believes in her ability to overcome any challenge.


The lotus is a flower that grows in muddy water, yet it rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. This process is seen as a metaphor for life, symbolising spiritual awakening, growth, and enlightenment. Kerr's lotus tattoo on her fourth finger represents her resilience, signifying her ability to rise above adversity, much like the lotus flower.

Number 20

The number 20 tattooed on Kerr's ring finger is her jersey number in Australian football. This tattoo likely represents her identity as an athlete and her passion for the sport.


The kangaroo tattoo on her middle finger is symbolic of her Australian heritage, as the kangaroo is a national symbol of Australia. It's also known for its strength and agility, which might be reflective of Kerr's own athletic abilities.


The scorpion tattoo on her index finger could represent several traits associated with the astrological sign of Scorpio, such as creativity, independence, and intelligence. It might also symbolise her fierce and determined nature, as scorpions are known for their survival instincts.




"Such is Life"

This phrase tattooed on her hand is a common saying that means one must accept life as it comes, with all its ups and downs. It suggests a philosophy of acceptance and resilience, indicating Kerr's approach to life and its various challenges.

Megan Rapinoe's tattoo collection and their meanings

Megan Rapinoe is a high-profile player for team USA, the defending champions of the FIFA Women's World Cup. However, this year the team only qualified second in Group E after the group stage of this year's tournament.

Nonetheless, throughout her career, Rapinoe has acquired a number of tattoos that reflect her values and personal journey. Let's take a look at some of the most prominent pieces of body art she sports.

‘W’ tattoo

The 'W' tattoo on Megan's right wrist stands for 'Women Warriors.' This tattoo is a tribute to the strong women in her family and represents Megan's own strength and determination. It signifies her belief in the power of women and their ability to overcome challenges, embodying the spirit of a warrior.

‘'Nature ran her course'’ tattoo

This quote, tattooed on her left bicep, reflects Megan's belief in the natural flow of life and her own ability to navigate it. It serves as a reminder of her boldness, determination, and her ability to keep moving forward, no matter what obstacles she encounters.

California map tattoo

The tattoo of the map of California on her upper right arm is a tribute to her birthplace, Redding, California. It signifies her love and connection to her hometown, reminding her of her roots and where she has come from.

‘Mammers’ tattoo

The 'MAMMERS' tattoo on her left wrist is a term of endearment for her mother, Denise Rapinoe. This tattoo symbolises Megan's deep love and respect for her mother, serving as a constant reminder of their close relationship.

Arabic writing tattoo

The Arabic phrase tattooed on her right wrist translates to "Trust yourself" in English. This tattoo reflects Megan's strong belief in herself and her convictions. It serves as a reminder to trust her instincts and stay true to her beliefs.

Number ‘2’ tattoo

The number '2' tattooed inside a circle on her left forearm is a bit of a mystery, as Megan has never publicly discussed its meaning. It could hold a personal significance that she prefers to keep private.


number 2


Lightning bolt tattoo

The lightning bolt tattoo on her left forearm symbolises strength, power, enlightenment, and intelligence. In Greek mythology, the lightning bolt is associated with Zeus, the king of the gods, symbolising supreme power. This could reflect Megan's own strength and power, both on and off the field.

Three triangles tattoo

The three triangles, known as The Trinity Knot, tattooed on her right upper arm symbolise the Earth, Sky, and Sea. These elements represent life, love, and eternity, and the interconnectedness of all things. This tattoo could symbolise Megan's belief in the deep connection between love, wisdom, and life, and her respect for the natural world.

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Alexia Putellas' tattoo collection and their meanings

Alexia's body is a canvas of various tattoos, each carrying a unique design and significance. Among these is the Latin phrase "Labor omnia vincit," meaning "Work conquers everything," etched on her left wrist, serving as a constant testament to her strong work ethic.

She also sports a Hand of Fatima, a Barcelona panot tile marked with "Made in" above it, a football, and the number 112, a fusion of her initial Spanish shirt number, 12, with the iconic football shirt number, 11. Another remarkable design in her tattoo collection is the Eye of Horus.

One of her most heartfelt tattoos is a silhouette of her father cradling her as a baby and giving her a football. This tattoo pays homage to her father, who had a significant influence on her life and career. In addition, she has a tattoo of her father's photograph on her back, a star on her right wrist, symbolising her Catalan roots, and a small heart on her left ankle, signifying her love for life.

Yamilia Rodriguez's controversial tattoo

Yamila Rodríguez, the 25-year-old Argentine football player for Boca Juniors, faced a whirlwind of controversy when a photo of her tattoos, including a tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo on her shin, went viral after Argentina's match against Italy. Argentine fans assumed her admiration for Ronaldo meant she was against Lionel Messi, leading to hateful comments on social media.


Football on the pitch for the Women's World Cup 2023 

Unfortunately, Argentina finished bottom of Group G, so she has already played her final match of this FIFA Women's World Cup. Nevertheless, Rodríguez responded to the backlash by clarifying that having idols from different countries doesn't diminish her love for Messi or her national team. Her tattoos of both Diego Maradona and Ronaldo showcase her diverse inspirations, highlighting the importance of respecting individual preferences in sports.

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The FIFA Women's World Cup has not only showcased exceptional talent on the field but also revealed the unique personalities and inspirations of its stars through their tattoos. These inked masterpieces tell captivating stories of passion, dedication, and admiration, transcending cultural and national boundaries.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of these athletes, let us also celebrate their individuality and the profound impact they have in breaking stereotypes and inspiring a new generation of women in football and beyond.

The Women's World Cup stars and their tattoos serve as a powerful reminder that sports are not just about victories and defeats; they are about celebrating the uniqueness of each athlete and fostering a more inclusive and understanding world.

We can't wait to discover which team out of these eight groups will progress through the knockouts, quarter-finals, and beyond to lift the trophy... any maybe even get a new tattoo to celebrate!


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