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Getting Saucy With It: Heinz Now Making Red Tattoo Ink


Heinz Ketchup, known for its iconic red colour and classic condiment flavour, is now taking a step into the world of body art with its own unique twist. The Heinz Brazil brand has partnered with ink manufacturer Electric Ink and Brazilian media agency Soko to create their own red tattoo ink!


Bottles of colourful yellow and red tattoo ink


This venture isn't Heinz Ketchup's first collaboration with the tattoo industry. In 2019, they teamed up with world-renowned musician Ed Sheeran, who famously has his own tribute to the much-loved condiment inked on his right arm. Together they auctioned off a series of special-edition ketchup bottles based on the singer's iconic tattoo for charity.

Red tattoo ink is often considered one of the most challenging pigment colours to work with due to the risk of allergic reactions or other complications. Plus, as restrictions on ingredients used in traditional red tattoo ink have grown, Heinz Ketchup wanted to ensure that their fans who proudly sport tattoos were safe. Their newest collaboration aims to provide a non-toxic and reliable red tattoo ink for Heinz tattoo enthusiasts across the globe.

The brand has manufactured its red tattoo ink based on the official Heinz 57 Red Pantone shade—a colour match for its signature ketchup. Titled 'Heinz Tattoo Ink', the ink has been in development for some time and will soon be available for purchase in Brazil (unfortunately, there won't be an international release at the minute).

In addition to its new red tattoo ink, Heinz has released a series of tattoo flash designs based on the iconic brand. The designs were created in collaboration with five leading Brazilian tattoo artists and include a total of 57 original stencils, each with a distinct style. Many of the designs feature the Heinz logo, while others depict a variety of ketchup-inspired art. All official Heinz tattoo designs are available for download from the Heinz Brazil tattoo ink page.


Heinz tattoo ink flash poster


Heinz Ketchup has once again proven to be a master of marketing with its new red tattoo ink. This collaboration between Heinz and Electric Ink is both innovative and exciting for fans who want to show off their love for this beloved condiment in a truly unique way. We can't wait to see what else Heinz has up its sleeve in the future!

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  • Sarah Crookes