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Our favourite Independence Day tattoos


Patriotic tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and can be a great way to express love for a country. As part of Independence Day celebrations in the USA, waving flags or wearing red, white, and blue clothing are great ways to show support, but these expressions are often temporary.

Fourth of July tattoos offer a unique way to permanently display national pride in the nation’s history and values. These meaningful inkings provide an opportunity for people across the country to express their patriotism through art that will last a lifetime. Check out our rundown below to kick off the July celebrations or shop tattoo aftercare today!

Tattoo aftercare to heal a fresh Fourth of July tattoo

What is Independence Day in the USA?

Independence Day, or the 4th of July, is a federal holiday in the United States that celebrates and commemorates the nation’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

This historic document, first drafted by Thomas Jefferson, declared American independence from Great Britain and formed the country as we know it today. The paid holiday is celebrated across the nation with fireworks and parades, American flag tattoos and other patriotic tattoo designs are also a great way to mark the occasion.

Popular 4th of July tattoo designs

The best Independence Day tattoos often feature traditional symbols of patriotism, such as flags, eagles, and stars. However, there is still plenty of room to get creative with these designs. Remember, use tattoo ink from trusted brands such as Dynamic Colors and World Famous for the best results!


American flag tattoo design idea for Independence Day


American flag tattoo

One of the most patriotic tattoo designs for Independence Day is that of the American flag. This classic design displays a colourful, waving banner with the stars and stripes representing the nation’s freedom and strength. An American flag arm tattoo looks great in the July sun

Bald eagle tattoo

As well as American flag tattoos, another popular option for Independence Day is a bald eagle tattoo. The majestic national bird of the United States, the bald eagle evokes a sense of power and pride that makes it the perfect choice for patriotic inkings.

Firework tattoo

Firework tattoos are a great way to commemorate the celebration and excitement of Independence Day. These vibrant designs feature bright colours and spiralling shapes that are perfect for capturing the spirit of the holiday. Combine July fireworks with a small American flag tattoo for a greater patriotic effect.


Firework tattoo design idea for the Fourth of July


Statue of Liberty tattoo

The Statue of Liberty is a lasting symbol of the nation’s promise of freedom and democracy for all. This iconic monument is often depicted in tattoos, with many people opting for the classic green Lady Liberty statue surrounded by stars and stripes.

US map tattoo

A tattoo featuring the outline of the United States, as depicted on maps, makes for a relatively simple design that still captures the essence of American pride.

This style of design can be further customised with additional elements. Some people choose to get the American flag tattooed within the borders of the outline. Others opt for a more detailed map that includes state outlines and even city skylines.

Marking the federal holiday with a tattoo

Fourth of July tattoos provide a unique opportunity to pay homage to the nation’s values and commemorate its independence. Whether it's an American flag shoulder tattoo or a bald eagle design on your back, these patriotic tattoo designs can be used to celebrate the occasion.

For those eager to get inked for the federal holiday, it is important to be aware of personal beliefs and limitations. The significance of patriotic tattoos should not be taken lightly and they should also be cared for properly with a professional tattoo aftercare product.




Dynamic Colors are a famous brand from the USA specialising in pigments in black and white. American flag tattoo designs in black and grey work well with Dynamic’s black inks, while their white ink is perfect for creating bright stars.

There are plenty of other popular American tattoo ink brands such as World Famous or Eternal Inks. Explore their products to find the perfect shade of red, white, and blue for a full-colour American flag sleeve tattoo.

It largely depends on the design. A small American flag tattoo looks great on the wrist, ankle, or even behind the ear. Larger pieces of body art such as the Statue of Liberty might need to be placed on the arm or back.

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