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Jake Paul's tattoos decoded: Meanings, stories, and reactions


Jake Paul's eclectic collection of tattoos has long been a subject of intrigue and speculation. Fans and critics alike find themselves drawn to the stories etched in ink across the body of the internet sensation turned professional boxer. The myriad designs, ranging from whimsical to profound, not only mirror Paul's personal evolution but also serve as a roadmap to the highs and lows of his public life.

So, this article peels back the layers of Jake Paul's tattoos, delving into the significance behind each piece, the personal anecdotes they represent, and the public reactions they've sparked.

How many tattoos does Jake Paul have?

Jake Paul, often called 'The Problem Child,' is a walking canvas with over 14 tattoos decorating his body. The trajectory of his tattoos reflects his journey from a YouTube provocateur to a professional boxer, each ink telling a story of victories, beliefs, and personal anecdotes.

Paul began his tattoo collection on lighter notes, acquiring quirky pieces through dares and challenges that mirrored his then-carefree digital persona. However, as his career evolved, so did the nature of his tattoos, moving towards more profound and substantial artwork.

Prominently, his upper body boasts significant tattoos, with large pieces adorning his chest and torso—a visual timeline of his personal and professional milestones.


tattoo artist preparing his tools


Jake Paul's 14 tattoo collections

1. KARMA tattoo

Positioned on his right shoulder, the word "KARMA" is boldly etched, serving as a constant reminder of the universal principle that every action has a reaction. This tattoo reflects Jake's adherence to the belief that one's deeds—good or bad—eventually come back around.

2. Lines tattoo

Across the right side of his torso, Jake has several lines that include Chinese characters and a statement that reads, “FOR LOYALTY 'HUMAN 656' CLEVELAND, OHIO USA c.1997”. This tattoo is deeply personal, representing his loyalty to his origins and commemorating his birthplace and year.

3. Letters tattoo

"RNBO," found on his stomach, represents 'Rise n’ Be Original.' This acronym is not only an inspiration for others to be unique but also stands for Jake's own clothing brand. It’s a mark of his entrepreneurial spirit and his message to live authentically.

4. Skull and leaves tattoo

A dinosaur skull entangled in vines occupies his left shoulder, depicting strength and an ancient force holding the world in its jaws. It's a dramatic and intricate piece that could symbolise Jake’s perspective on influence and power.

5. Cartoon tattoo

Nestled below his skull and leaves tattoo on the upper left arm is a whimsical depiction of a cartoon girl. This piece of ink might reflect a lighter, more playful side of Jake, contrasting the more serious and symbolic tattoos he has.

6. Disney and cross tattoos

On either side of his abdomen are tattoos that pay homage to his beginnings on the Disney Channel, symbolised by Mickey Mouse heads. Accompanying these are crosses, a potential nod to his faith or a symbol of his spirituality. This mix of pop culture reference and religious symbol captures the duality of Jake's public persona and personal beliefs.

7. Heart tattoo

A string of small hearts adorns the side of his left hand, perhaps symbolising love or the importance of passion in his life. This tattoo could be a reminder of the loved ones in his life or the fans that have supported his career.


tattoo artist doing neck tattoo


8. Girl tattoo

An intriguing tattoo of a woman's face marked with scars and blood, wearing a lion’s face as a helmet, is etched on the inner side of his left forearm. This striking image could represent strength in adversity, the warrior spirit, or possibly a figure or emotion significant to Jake.

9. Sword back tattoo

Running down his spine is a tattoo of a sword wrapped in vines, with a banner reading, "To Live Ex. Die". This tattoo could represent resilience and the idea of living exceptionally—a credo to live by that may guide Jake's choices and life philosophy.

10. Goat tattoo

Inked on the outer side of his left thigh, the words "GOAT INTENT" intersect with shared letters. This acronym, standing for "Greatest Of All Time," signals Jake's aspiration to excel to the highest ranks in his endeavors. It's also a matching tattoo with Erika Costell, symbolising a shared mindset of striving for greatness.

11. Bow tattoo

Positioned on his right knee is a depiction of a bow and arrow, with the name "APOLLO" encircled around it. This piece is rich in symbolism, referencing Apollo, the Greek god of archery, and possibly reflecting attributes associated with this deity such as art, music, and knowledge.

12. Skull tattoo

Below the bow tattoo on his right leg, a sizable skull with broken teeth is flanked by wings. This bold design might represent Jake's understanding and acceptance of mortality, or perhaps an appreciation for the 'memento mori' theme—a reminder that life is fleeting.

13. Gun tattoo

A detailed gun with a Gucci snake and logo adorns Jake's left thigh, a tattoo that's likely a nod to his lavish lifestyle and love for branded fashion. The word "VELOCE," meaning 'fast' in Italian, sits nearby, perhaps symbolising his fast-paced life or quick rise to fame.

14. Chinese symbol tattoo

Behind his left ear, three Chinese symbols sit discreetly. The meaning of these symbols hasn't been publicly disclosed, but they could represent a personal motto, a belief, or perhaps a nod to an aspect of his life he keeps private.

As we explore Jake Paul's captivating tattoo collection, it's evident that each piece carries profound meaning and significance in his life. Just like the careful attention he gives to his body art, it's essential to prioritise proper tattoo care. That's where the Tattoo Goo Tattoo Care Kit (3 in 1) comes in. Ensure your tattoos stay vibrant and well-maintained with this comprehensive care kit, with Tattoo Goo Lotion, Tattoo Goo Soap, Tattoo Goo Balm, allowing you to cherish your ink for years to come.


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Where did Jake Paul get most of his tattoos?

Jake Paul received a significant portion of his tattoos at Ganga Tattoo Studio, an establishment known for its skilled tattoo artists and celebrity clientele. During an extensive eight-hour tattoo session, Paul added 11 new pieces to his collection.

The process, which he opted to undergo with pain management, allowed him to add multiple designs without the typical discomfort associated with tattooing. This marathon session contributed to the eclectic array of art that adorns his body, marking various personal stories and milestones.


Jake Paul's tattoos are like pages in a book about his life, showing his journey from internet fame to boxing rings. Each tattoo tells a part of his story, whether it's about where he came from, the battles he's fought, or the things he believes in.

People have different opinions on his tattoos, just like they do about him. But no matter what anyone thinks, his tattoos map his experiences, marking the important moments of his life in a way that he can always see and remember.


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