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Football star Jesse Lingard and his incredible tattoos


Jesse Lingard, the English football sensation known for his remarkable skills on the field, is not only celebrated for his athletic prowess but also for the intriguing stories etched onto his skin. Each tattoo adorning his body tells a unique tale, offering fans and admirers a glimpse into the inner world of this football star. In this article, we delve into Jesse Lingard's tattoos and the incredible meanings they carry.


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What team does Jesse Lingard play for?

Jesse Lingard currently plays for Nottingham Forest in the Premier League, as of the 2022-2023 season. He joined Nottingham Forest on a one-year contract on July 21, 2022, after leaving Manchester United when his contract expired on June 1, 202

Why did Jesse Lingard leave Manchester United?

Jesse Lingard left Manchester United because he was frustrated with what he perceived as too many broken promises by the club. He felt that the club had let him down on multiple occasions, including not providing him with the promised playing time and opportunities.

Despite his long association with Manchester United, having joined the club at a young age, Lingard decided it was time to seek a new opportunity and move on from the club. He was determined to secure a spot in England's World Cup squad and believed that leaving Manchester United was necessary to achieve that goal.

As a result, he explored options with other clubs, and negotiations were reportedly at an advanced stage with some of them

Jesse Lingard's tattoos

1. Jesse's tribute to his daughter

In February 2022, Jesse Lingard unveiled two stunning angel tattoos on his sleeve. These tattoos were more than just a style statement; they were a heartfelt tribute to his beloved daughter, Hope. Crafted with remarkable detail by artist Dale McGovern, these angels bear a striking resemblance to the footballer's precious child.

Lingard's journey into fatherhood began when he met fitness model Rebecca Halliday in Manchester, and shortly after, they welcomed their daughter into the world. Despite no longer being together, Jesse and Rebecca maintain a positive co-parenting relationship. The angel tattoos serve as a lasting reminder of the special bond between Lingard and his daughter, Hope.

2. 'Be yourself' tattoo

Jesse Lingard has been candid about his mental health problems, using his platform to raise awareness and promote well-being. On his left arm, he sports a powerful tattoo that simply reads 'Be Yourself.' This tattoo is a reminder to stay authentic and true to oneself, a crucial message not only for himself but for anyone facing their own mental health battles. Lingard's openness about this topic has inspired many and continues to remove the stigma surrounding mental health in professional sports.




3. Lingard's logo bet tattoo

In May 2021, Jesse Lingard ventured into a unique tattoo adventure related to a bet. Known for his time with West Ham United, he made a bet with the host of the 'Happy Hour' podcast regarding the club's qualification for European football in the following season. Lingard was so confident that he would win the bet that he inked his logo on the leg of a popular influencer when West Ham indeed secured a place in European competition.

This tattoo not only showcases his belief in his team but also adds an element of fun and daring to his collection. It's a testament to his adventurous spirit both on and off the field.


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Jesse Lingard's tattoos are not merely decorative; they are meaningful narratives etched onto his skin. From heartfelt tributes to his daughter and advocacy for mental health awareness to playful bets and mysterious designs, each tattoo paints a picture of a football star who is unafraid to express himself and share his journey with the world. Jesse Lingard's inked stories make him not only a remarkable athlete but also a relatable and inspirational figure to his fans and admirers.

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