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F1 star Lewis Hamilton tattoos and their meanings


Lewis Hamilton, a name synonymous with speed, skill, and success in the world of Formula 1, is not just a racing icon but a canvas of self-expression. Behind the wheel of his Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team car, Hamilton has achieved unparalleled success, but it's the artistry etched onto his skin that tells a different kind of story.

In this article, we explore the fascinating world of Lewis Hamilton's tattoos and the meanings they hold.

How many tattoos does Lewis Hamilton have?

Lewis Hamilton had approximately 15 tattoos. These tattoos are a testament to his personal journey, values, and inspirations. However, it's important to note that the exact count may have changed since then, as Hamilton, like many individuals with a passion for body art, may have added new tattoos or modified existing ones.


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Lewis Hamilton's hand tattoos

On Lewis Hamilton's left-hand lies a small yet significant rose tattoo. This ink isn't just an aesthetic choice; it symbolises resilience and beauty emerging from pain. At the tender age of 8, Hamilton endured a traumatic go-karting accident, which left a scar both physically and emotionally.

Instead of hiding this scar, Hamilton chose to embrace it, transforming the mark into a rose. This tattoo is a testament to his philosophy of finding beauty and strength in adversity, which has undoubtedly fueled his success on the F1 circuit.

Moreover, Hamilton has recently added tattoos to his hands, each with its unique significance. On his left hand, he proudly displays the symbol for his star sign, Capricorn. This emblem reflects his connection to astrology and the characteristics associated with Capricorns, such as determination, discipline, and ambition. It's a subtle but meaningful way for Hamilton to express his self-identity.

Lewis Hamilton's left shoulder tattoo

Moving from the hand to the shoulder, Hamilton's left shoulder bears profound symbolism through its intricate design. Here, Hamilton chose to etch the words 'Family' and 'Faith', two pillars that have been instrumental in his journey both as a person and a professional racer.

These words are more than mere letters; they are a constant reminder of the support system that has been pivotal in his career and life. 'Family' signifies the close-knit bond he shares with his loved ones, which has been a source of strength and motivation. 'Faith', on the other hand, reflects Hamilton's spiritual journey and the guidance he finds in his beliefs, a guiding force that has kept him grounded amidst the high-octane world of Formula 1 racing.

Among Hamilton's body art, one of the most touching is a tattoo on his left shoulder. It depicts a moment from his childhood when Hamilton's father, Anthony, would playfully throw him in the air, with a clock in the background. This tattoo encapsulates the joy and connection between father and son, immortalising a cherished memory. It's a beautiful reminder of the importance of family in Hamilton's life.


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Lewis Hamilton's left-side body tattoos

Hamilton's connection with his fans is palpable, especially regarding the passionate support he receives from Chinese fans during races in Shanghai. To express his appreciation for their unwavering adoration, he chose to get the Chinese symbol for 'Warrior' tattooed on his left side. This tattoo is a testament to his fighting spirit, his willingness to keep pushing boundaries, and his deep respect for the fans who stand by him.

Additionally, Hamilton has another larger rose tattoo etched on his ribs, a poignant tribute to his late aunt. This inked memorial is a constant reminder of his bond with his beloved relative and the cherished memories they created together.

Lewis Hamilton's chest tattoos

Moving to his chest, Hamilton has chosen two significant tattoos. The first is a compass, situated at the centre of his chest. This compass represents the sense of direction and purpose he gains from attending church every Sunday. It's a spiritual compass guiding him in life and on the race track.

The second chest tattoo is a large lion head that descends from his shoulder towards his heart. Hamilton believes he possesses the heart of a lion, symbolising courage, strength, and determination. It reflects his self-identification as a lion-hearted individual, ready to face challenges head-on.

Lewis Hamilton's back tattoos

On his back, Lewis Hamilton proudly displays a massive cross tattoo, symbolising his unwavering faith. However, this tattoo carries a dual meaning. It also pays homage to his favourite rapper, Tupac Shakur, whose influence has been profound in Hamilton's life.

Additionally, the cross is not just a standalone design; it's completed with angel wings, representing a sense of freedom and spiritual connection. Over the cross, the quote "Still I Rise" is boldly inked. This phrase, borrowed from poet and activist Maya Angelou, resonates deeply with Hamilton and serves as a constant reminder of resilience and strength.

The fact that this tattoo took 10 hours to complete underscores its significance in Hamilton's life. It's not just a piece of art; it's a reflection of his faith and determination.

Lewis Hamilton's neck tattoo

Lewis Hamilton's neck tattoo is a simple yet powerful statement that reads, "God is Love." This tattoo reflects his spiritual beliefs and reminds him of the importance of love and faith. While Hamilton is known for his achievements in Formula 1 and his passion for racing, this tattoo is a personal expression of his spirituality and a reminder of the positive values that guide him in his journey on and off the racetrack. It's a subtle but meaningful inked message that represents his connection to his faith and belief in love's power.


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Lewis Hamilton's tattoos are not just ink on skin; they are a window into the complex and multifaceted persona of a Formula 1 legend. Each tattoo tells a story, reflects a value, or commemorates a significant moment in his life journey.

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Like his remarkable career on the racetrack, his canvas of tattoos continues to evolve, serving as a living testament to an individual who transcends the world of Formula 1 and leaves an indelible mark in the hearts of fans around the world. As a racing icon and a canvas of self-expression, Lewis Hamilton continues to inspire and captivate us all.


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