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Manchester United stars and their famous tattoos


Manchester United, known as the Red Devils, stands as one of the most iconic and storied clubs. Beyond their iconic red jerseys and achievements on the pitch, the club's stars have often grabbed headlines for their off-field interests, striking images and appearances.

One such intriguing aspect that has captured the attention of fans and the media alike is the fascinating tattoos adorning the bodies of Manchester United's players. 

So, in this discussion, we'll delve into the intriguing world of Manchester United stars and their famous tattoos. We will explore the meanings behind these intricate designs and the personal connections they hold for these footballing icons.


football player in the field


Which football players in Manchester United don't have tattoos?

One well-known Manchester United player who did not have any tattoos on his body was Paul Pogba. Pogba's decision to abstain from tattoos was rooted in his religious beliefs; he is a practising Muslim, and in Islam, the act of getting tattoos is generally considered forbidden. Pogba's commitment to his faith was reflected in his choice not to have any tattoos, making him one of the few footballers in the modern era who opted to keep his body ink-free.

Players like Harry Maguire, Diogo Dallot, and Scott McTominay are also known for not having tattoos. Their choice to abstain from tattoos stands out in a sport where body art is common. While the reasons for not having tattoos can vary, ranging from personal preferences to cultural or religious beliefs, it's notable that these players have chosen to keep their skin ink-free in a profession where many others opt for body art.

Who is the most famous football player in Manchester United?

David Beckham is indeed one of the most famous players in the history of Manchester United. His combination of footballing talent, style, and off-field charisma helped him achieve worldwide recognition and celebrity status. During his time at Manchester United, Beckham played a big role in his team's success, and he remains an iconic figure associated with the club.


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Manchester United stars' famous tattoos

Marcus Rashford tattoos

Marcus Rashford, the talented Manchester United and England forward, has a notable collection of tattoos that reflect various aspects of his life and beliefs.

Among his tattoos, there is an illustration of a young boy playing football in front of a house, which may symbolise his early passion for the game. Rashford also has a lion tattoo on his chest, signifying courage and strength.

Another significant addition to his inked artwork is a large lion on his right leg, inspired by the animal kingdom's king.

On his chest, he bears the words "For My Family," highlighting his deep love and commitment to his family's well-being. His left arm features praying hands, suggesting a potential spiritual connection or faith.

Finally, Rashford has the words "Pride and Glory" etched onto his body, underscoring the importance of these values in his life. These tattoos offer a glimpse into the personal and meaningful aspects of Marcus Rashford's journey and identity.

Luke Shaw tattoos

Manchester United's Luke Shaw has a tattoo of the Coco Pops monkey on his left arm. He revealed this tattoo on England's YouTube video, explaining that it is a tribute to his two-year-old son, Reign, who is a fan of Coco Pops cereal. Shaw mentioned that his son's interest in his tattoos inspired him to get this particular tattoo. Shaw has been a key player for both Manchester United and the England national team, and it seems he's also known for this playful and personal tattoo choice.

If you're interested in seeing account pictures of Luke Shaw's tattoos, you can check out the video on England's YouTube channel, where he shares the full story behind this unique tattoo.

Wayne Rooney tattoos

Wayne Rooney, the celebrated former England and Manchester United footballer, has several meaningful tattoos. Notably, he has the name of his wife, Coleen, tattooed on his right shoulder, symbolising his love and commitment to her.

Additionally, Rooney sports a Celtic cross on his left bicep, reflecting his cultural roots. He also has a passion for music, as evidenced by the Stereophonics album title 'Just Enough Education To Perform' inked on his body. Demonstrating his national pride, Rooney has the England flag on his right shoulder along with the motto 'English and proud'.

Furthermore, a prayer tattoo on his back signifies his faith and personal beliefs. Each of these tattoos is a testament to the different facets of Rooney's life, from his family to his cultural identity and career.

Bruno Fernandes tattoos

Bruno Fernandes, the notable Manchester United and Portugal midfielder, has a couple of meaningful tattoos that reflect significant aspects of his life and career.

Firstly, Fernandes has a small '23' tattoo on the back of his left forearm. This number is notably associated with his senior debut for the Portuguese national team, where he was assigned the number 23. Although he has since worn other numbers throughout his career, the number 23 remains etched on his arm, symbolising the start of his international journey.

More prominently, on his right forearm, Bruno Fernandes sports a large black band with the script "BF" and the number eight. This tattoo is deeply personal and multifaceted. The "BF" stands for his parents' last names – Borges from his mother's side and Fernandes from his father's. The number eight is particularly significant as it not only represents his birth date but also pays tribute to his father, who wore the number eight during his own football career.

Fernandes chose the number eight when he played for Manchester United as a homage to his father's influence and sacrifice, acknowledging the latter's decision to leave football to provide for the family.

With a closer look at the artistry and personal expression, you'll gain insight into the hand that created these masterpieces and the people who proudly wear them.


football player kicking the ball the in field


Be inspired by Manchester United tattoo designs

The world of Manchester United stars and their famous tattoos is a captivating blend of artistry, personal expression, and storytelling. These athletes celebrated on the football pitch use their bodies as canvases to share their unique narratives, passions, and affiliations. Whether it's a tribute to a loved one, a representation of their cultural heritage, or a symbol of their journey to stardom, these Manchester United tattoo designs serve as a tangible reminder of the individuality that coexists with their collective pursuit of glory on the football field.

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