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England captain Millie Bright's tattoos explained


For many fans of England's national women's football team, Millie Bright's tattoos are a topic of intrigue. Their unique designs and placements make them stand out on the field, prompting curiosity about their significance.

In this blog, we'll unravel the stories behind England captain Millie Bright's tattoos as she leads the Lionesses out onto the pitch at the World Cup this summer. Stay tuned as we delve into each design and uncover the stories inked into her skin. Remember, no matter who you are, all tattoos deserve the best post-tattoo treatment. Be sure to check out our tattoo aftercare collection today for all the top products to keep your ink looking its best.

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Millie Bright's tattoo designs

Last week, we saw the 29-year-old Chelsea star, Millie Bright, lead the Lionesses out in their group D opener against Haiti. Bright is currently England's interim captain in place of injured Leah Williamson. However, her own presence at the World Cup was also in doubt after spending a few months out with a knee injury.

Nonetheless, this period of absence allowed her to spend even more time in the tattoo studio, and she has some new designs to show for it!

Owl tattoo

Bright recently went for a sitting for her new owl tattoo sleeve with tattoo artist, Dan Rossetter. Born on the outskirts of Sheffield in Yorkshire, Bright would regularly spot owls out and about near her rural childhood home.

The owl tattoo is itself very impressive, but perhaps even more so is the fact that her tattoo artist revealed she'd fallen asleep during the five-hour job!


Millie Bright's half a tiger forearm tattoo


Half a tiger forearm tattoo

Millie Bright's left forearm is home to an impressive tiger tattoo done using black and grey tattoo ink. The design is combined with the eye of her partner, Levi Crew, which can be seen clearly near the centre-back's wrist. This tattoo is particularly meaningful as it is an ongoing reminder of the strength she shows and needs in her daily life.

Dreamcatcher tattoo

One particularly personal design for Bright is the dreamcatcher tattoo that sits on the inside of her left forearm. Inspired by mum Nicola's encouraging words to 'dream big' before every match, Bright designed this beautiful piece of body art herself.


Millie Bright dreamcatcher tattoo design


Angel with wings tattoo

On her right wrist, Bright has a script tattoo that reads 'angel' and is accompanied by a set of wings. It's a much smaller and simpler design than those on her left arm, yet still catches the eye on the pitch.

Matching tattoo with Rachel Daly

Within the England Squad, it's not just Bright who has a passion for body art. Her teammate, Rachel Daly, also sports numerous tattoos. During training ahead of their first World Cup game, Bright and Aston Villa player Daly showed off the matching two halves designs they both have on their right hands. Displayed as a 1/2 fraction, we can only assume this design is a nod to the famous saying that football is a game of two halves.

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England captain Millie Bright tattoo designs


Get inspired with a Millie Bright tattoo

For Millie Bright, the England star, tattoos are a striking part of her overall appearance and speak volumes about the person she is and the stories and people that matter to her most. As we watch her lead the Lionesses out at this summer's World Cup, let's see if her tattoos bring the team the same luck as they did during the 2022 Euros...

Who knows, maybe they'll even inspire you to get your own piece of body art. Just be sure to protect your new artwork with a professional tattoo care product like MTS Tattoo Balm!


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  • Sarah Crookes