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The Oppenheimer cast and their tattoos


In the world of cinema, the 2023 release of Oppenheimer has already created quite a stir with its compelling narrative and powerful performances. The stellar ensemble, including Cillian Murphy, Florence Pugh, Robert Downey Jr, and Emily Blunt, has managed to captivate audiences and critics alike.

But many do not yet know about the unique tapestry of ink some of these stars carry off-screen. In this blog, we delve into the tattoos of the Oppenheimer's cast, their meanings, and the tales they have to tell. Before you grab your popcorn, be sure to care for your own body art with a professional tattoo aftercare product. Shop our range today!

Florence Pugh's tattoos

Bee tattoo

Florence Pugh had always thought that the very first tattoo design she would get would be a snail. However, the ink on the inner left wrist shows that she had a change of heart! Florence Pugh's bee tattoo is a delicate little worker bee with a rounded but slightly pointy bottom.

Oppenheimer cast Florence Pugh's bee tattoo

The worker bee is a classic symbol of hard work and perseverance, which could be seen as recognition of all the hard work she puts into her acting and her busy filming schedule.

Maypole tattoo

Another notable tattoo on Pugh's wrist is that of a maypole, the same cross-like structure that features in her 2019 breakout role in the folk horror film Midsommar. One of the defining images from the film, the etching of this image could serve as a reminder of how far she has come and the success that followed from her performance.

Fineline tattoo

Among her collection, the actress also adorns her body with a fineline tattoo. The design seems to be two arrows pointing downward towards the deer. She hasn't revealed the meaning of this design but first debuted it to the public during Paris Fashion Week in July 2021. In some cultures, a deer is seen as a symbol of spirituality and grace. It could be that her tattoo is a reminder to remain true to herself despite the hustle and bustle of celebrity life.

Matchstick tattoo

Pugh's newest piece of body art sits just above her cute bee tattoo. The design is a lit matchstick, which is also labelled as one with text and an arrow pointing towards it. The symbolism of the matchstick is still unknown, but it is certainly another great addition to her growing collection of arm tattoos!

Robert Downey Jr's tattoos

Avengers tattoo

Robert Downey Jr is perhaps most famous for his role as the Marvel superhero, Iron Man. To mark the completion of ten years as part of the Avengers franchise, five out of six original Avengers actors received the same tattoo design from Joshua Lord.


Close up of a tattoo machine for Robert Downey Jr's Avenger's tattoo


The tattoo, which is located on Downey Jr's right arm, portrays a stylised line drawing of the Avengers logo, which also incorporates the number six. This design is a permanent reminder of his time in this legendary franchise and creates an everlasting tie with his other co-stars: Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner (Mark Ruffalo opted out of the matching tattoo).

'Suzie Q' tattoo

Downey Jr. has 'Suzie Q.' written across his left shoulder in a bold decorative lettering style. The tattoo is a tribute to his current wife, Susan Levin who he married back in 2005. The nickname 'Suzie Q' is a testament to the couple's strong bond and everlasting love.

'Indio' tattoo

On the outside of Downey Jr's opposing shoulder he has a tattoo dedicated to his son Indio Falconer Downey. The design spells out Indio's name in a handwritten-style lowercase font and is surrounded by an elaborate rectangular border and imagery. We love his choice of different tattoo styles and how each design has a particular meaning!

Matt Damon's tattoos

'Nomad' tattoo

The newest Matt Damon tattoo can be seen on his upper arm. It was celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter who tattooed 'nomad' onto his skin. The script design features a thin italic font done in black tattoo ink.

Not only is 'nomad' the family surname spelt backwards, it was also the name of Damon's late father's boat. He sadly passed away in 2017, making this tattoo a fitting tribute to his Dad and all of his accomplishments.

Daughters' names tattoos

Damon has four daughters: Alexia, Isabella, Gia, Stella and their names can be seen proudly inked onto his skin just below his latest tattoo. Another fitting tribute to his family! Remember, all body art deserves quality tattoo care products to keep looking its best. Why not give MTS Tattoo Balm a try today?

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'Lucy' tattoo

Among these script tattoos is a delicate design that simply reads 'Lucy'. This tattoo is perhaps Damon's oldest piece of ink and honours his wife Luciana Barrosso.

Eye and star tattoo

it is also possible that Damon is currently working on a tattoo sleeve. He has a number of small additional designs interwoven among these names, including a detailed eye tattoo and twinkling stars.

Do other members of The Oppenheimer cast have tattoos?

It seems other members of the Oppenheimer cast are yet to reveal any tattoos they may have. While Cillian Murphy has several tattoos in his Peaky Blinders role, the actor has no pieces of permanent ink in real life. Plus, his Oppenheimer co-stars, including Emily Blunt and Rami Malek don't seem to have any tattoo designs either.


From superheroes to symbols of love and respect, the tattoos of Florence Pugh, Robert Downey Jr, and Matt Damon reveal a fascinating insight into their lives. Each tattoo tells a unique story that is close to the heart of each actor and provides an enduring reminder of their personal achievements both on-screen and off. 

Who knows...will we see Florence Pugh's tattoo collection grow after her time on the Oppenheimer set? Will Robert Downey Jr get an image tattooed to commemorate his work in this film? Or, will Matt Damon go under the needle again to keep adding to his pretty rad tattoo collection on his arm?


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  • Sarah Crookes