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Post Malone’s tattoos: What do they symbolise?


In music and pop culture, few artists have made as significant an impact as Post Malone. Known for his chart-topping hits, genre-blurring music, and distinctive sense of style, Post Malone is also renowned for his extensive and intricate tattoo collection. With over 70 tattoos adorning his body, each design tells a story, reflects a facet of his personality, or pays homage to his influences.

Whether you're a fan of his music, a fellow tattoo enthusiast, or intrigued by the art of body ink, join us on a journey to decode the mysteries behind Post Malone's captivating tattoos.

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Post Malone face tattoos

"Always Tired" tattoo

One of the most recognizable of Post Malone's face tattoos is the phrase "Always Tired" inked under his right eye and the word "Tired" under his left eye. These cursive script tattoos are not merely a stylistic choice but rather a reflection of the relentless pace of his career and the demands of the music industry.

In a candid interview with GQ, Post Malone explained, "Under my eyes, it says, 'Always Tired,' 'cause I'm always tired. Always touring, always working, not taking care of myself how I need to." This body art is a constant reminder of his dedication to his craft and the toll it can take.

"Stay Away" tattoo

Above his right eyebrow, you'll find another face tattoo that reads "Stay Away" in elegant cursive. This phrase pays homage to the eponymous Nirvana song, "Stay Away," which happens to be one of Post Malone's all-time favourite tracks.

The decision to place it in this location was inspired by the late rapper Lil Peep's "Cry Baby" tattoo, showcasing Post Malone's appreciation for the artists who have influenced him.

Barbed wire tattoo

Running along his hairline, Post Malone's barbed wire tattoo may appear to be a simple stylistic choice, but for him, it was a cool and fashionable idea. This design adds an edgy and distinctive touch to his appearance, and it serves as an example of how even seemingly straightforward tattoos can contribute to one's overall image.

Smile emoji tattoo

Near his right eye, you'll notice a small smile emoji with X's for eyes. Post Malone shared a humorous story about this tattoo, revealing that it was an "accidental Marshmello tattoo." He thought the use of Xs for eyes would be a cool twist, only to realise that it resembled the helmet of the DJ Marshmello. This amusing anecdote highlights the spontaneous and playful nature of some of his tattoo choices.

Playboy bunny

Post Malone's journey into the world of tattoos began with a Playboy bunny symbol, which he had inked on his left arm. This tiny tattoo holds a special place in his heart as his first. He later revisited this iconic symbol, placing a small Playboy bunny tattoo below the smile emoji near his right eye. This reimagining of his first tattoo signifies his growth as an individual and as an artist.

Sword and gauntlet tattoo

Post Malone's face tattoos also reflect his eclectic interests. On his right cheek, you'll find a claymore sword, a symbol of his affinity for all things medieval. This tattoo speaks to his love for history, fantasy, and epic tales of knights and battles.

Adjacent to the sword, on the right side of his face, is a gauntlet holding a flail. This eye-catching design adds to the mystique and intrigue of his inked visage. Together with the sword, it creates a unique blend of medieval and modern elements.

Buzzsaw and skulls tattoo

In February 2020, Post Malone added a bloody buzzsaw tattoo to the centre of his left cheek, showcasing his willingness to embrace edgy and unconventional designs. Additionally, he has detailed skull tattoos on both sides of his head, near his ears. These intricate designs add depth and character to his already striking appearance.

Medusa with a twist tattoo

One of the most intriguing face tattoos in Post Malone's collection is the Medusa tattoo above his left ear. However, this isn't a traditional depiction of the mythological figure. In this rendition, Medusa has a snake slithering out of her mouth instead of a tongue, adding a unique twist to the classic imagery. This tattoo speaks to Post Malone's penchant for reimagining familiar symbols in his own distinct style.

Hammer and blackjack tattoo

Adjacent to the claymore sword on his right cheek, Post Malone has a striking tattoo of a bloody hammer. This bold design adds a macabre touch to his inked collection and further exemplifies his commitment to embracing unconventional and eye-catching tattoos.

On his forehead, you'll find a pair of cards tattooed—the Ace of Spades and a Queen of Hearts—symbolising his love for playing Blackjack. This playful addition showcases how personal interests can find their way into his tattoo choices.

Post Malone's arm tattoos

Playboy bunny tattoo

Post Malone's journey into the world of tattoos began with a playful choice: the Playboy Bunny logo on his arm. Inspired by Justin Bieber, who also had tattoos, Post Malone got his first ink while working on his album "Stoney."

However, the tattoo's cracked appearance is partially attributed to Justin Bieber accidentally bumping into him during a basketball game shortly after the ink was done. The mishap didn't deter Post Malone's enthusiasm for tattoos, as he humorously noted that Bieber owed him a new one.

Johnny Cash tattoo

On his left shoulder, Post Malone sports a detailed profile tattoo of the legendary musician Johnny Cash. This tattoo is a tribute to the iconic artist and reflects Post Malone's appreciation for Cash's music and influence in the music world.

Posty Co. tattoo

In a display of brand loyalty, Post Malone has the name of his own brand, "Posty Co.," tattooed in bold, all-capital letters on his left wrist. This tattoo represents his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his personal brand.

Texas flag skull tattoo

While most of Post Malone's tattoos are done in black and grey, he has a few colourful pieces in his collection. One of these is a smiling skull with a blue-and-red Texas flag motif, clearly referencing his Texas upbringing and pride.

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Sauron from Lord of the Rings tattoo

On his right elbow, Post Malone has a tattoo of the menacing Lord of the Rings character Sauron. He describes Sauron as "the coolest character" with a "cool-ass mace." While the tattoo remained unfinished as of 2020, it reflects his fascination with unique and intriguing characters.

Minuteman and a man on a horse tattoo

Post Malone's right forearm features two different tattoo designs: "guy on a horse stabbing a guy with a spear" and one of a Minuteman. These tattoos, as he describes them, add a touch of diversity to his inked collection and showcase his appreciation for various artistic styles.

Post Malone riding a horse tattoo

In a playful twist, one of Post Malone's arm tattoos features his own face superimposed onto a character from a video game. This creative choice adds an element of fun and whimsy to his body art, reflecting his unique personality.

Praying hands with a gun tattoo

One of Post Malone's more significant arm tattoos is a large depiction of praying hands holding a Glock pistol. This tattoo combines elements of spirituality and his interest in firearms, making it a distinctive piece of body art.

"Patient" tattoo

In a jagged font, the word "Patient" is inked on one of his biceps, serving as a reference to a music video for his song of the same name. Despite its simple appearance, he revealed that the tattoo's placement was particularly painful.

"So Far, So Good, So What" tattoo

Among his earlier tattoos is the phrase "So far, So good, So what." This tattoo likely pays homage to the Megadeth album of the same name, showcasing his appreciation for music across various genres.

Don't tread on me snake tattoo

On the same arm, Post Malone has the phrase "Don't Tread on Me" snake from the Gadsden flag, a symbol associated with the Second Amendment. This tattoo underscores his interest in firearms and his perspective on this constitutional right.

Snake wrapped around gun tattoo

Another tattoo featuring a snake wrapped around a gun reflects Post Malone's fascination with firearms, adding to the motifs of weaponry and danger in his inked collection.

Nirvana and Kurt Cobain Tattoos

Post Malone is an avid fan of Nirvana and its frontman, Kurt Cobain. His tattoos pay tribute to the band and Cobain, featuring phrases like " "Whatever" and Nevermind" on his palms, the "Stay Away" script, and a portrait of Cobain on one arm, all celebrating the music legends who have influenced him.

Saint with a skeleton tattoo

A tattoo on the top of Post Malone's left hand and up his arm features a saint lifting up his robe to show a skeleton beneath. This design adds a touch of mystique and visual intrigue to his body art, aligning with the artistic diversity present in his tattoo collection.

Post Malone's chest and torso tattoos

Eyeball dice, swords, and "Easter Jesus" tattoo

On his chest, Post Malone proudly displays a large tattoo of Jesus. However, this isn't just any representation of Jesus—it's what he affectionately calls "Easter Jesus." In a video for GQ, Malone explained that he aimed to make Jesus appear "super metal" with this artwork. Just above this unique Jesus tattoo, you'll find what appears to be a sword and a pair of eyeball dice, adding a touch of mystique to his chest.

Dallas cowboys football helmet and four-horned figure tattoo

As a proud Texan, it's no surprise that Malone pays homage to his home state with a Dallas Cowboys football helmet tattooed on his left clavicle. Next to this emblematic sports tribute, there's a big mural of a four-horned figure holding a staff, adding an element of intrigue to his chest.

Cow skull and eagles tattoo

Malone's throat and upper chest feature a striking cow skull tattoo. Flanking this imposing image are two bald eagles in flight—a light eagle on one side and a dark eagle on the other. This design not only showcases his love for body art but also serves as a tribute to the majestic American bald eagle.

Master shake tattoo

One of the most eye-catching tattoos on his chest is the animated milkshake character from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," known as Master Shake. Malone has mentioned that this seemingly innocuous tattoo was one of the most painful experiences he endured. "It's dumb because it's a milkshake, and it hurt the most," he humorously shared with GQ in 2020.

"Molon Labe" tattoo

One of the most prominent tattoos on Malone's torso is the Greek phrase "Molon labe," which roughly translates to "Come and take them." This historical Greek reference aligns with Malone's support of the Second Amendment, emphasising the importance of defending one's rights.

Skull & crossbones and a Cold War saying tattoo

Adding to the intrigue, Malone sports a skull and crossbones tattoo with the words "Kill a commie for mommy" nearby. This phrase harkens back to a Cold War saying, and the imagery exudes a sense of edginess that's characteristic of the rapper's style.

Post Malone's neck tattoos

Eagle tattoos

On the right side of his neck, Post Malone proudly displays a striking white eagle tattoo. On the left side, a black eagle complements its counterpart. Traditionally, an eagle tattoo symbolises courage, freedom, and power. These majestic creatures often symbolise strength and the pursuit of one's dreams, making them fitting emblems for a musician as dynamic as Post Malone.

Cow skull tattoo

Covering a significant portion of Post Malone's neck is a cow skull tattoo, which he admits he decided to get somewhat randomly. While its meaning may not be deeply profound, this unconventional choice adds a touch of mystique to his collection. As Post Malone himself explained, "There's really nothing to it. I just think it would be cool, and then I do it." This demonstrates his willingness to embrace unique and unexpected tattoo designs.

"Stoney" tattoo

Emblazoned on the top of his neck, just under his chin, is the word "stony" in bold, all-capital script. This tattoo serves as a tribute to Post Malone's debut studio album, also titled "Stoney," which was released in 2016. It's a nod to his musical journey and the album that played a pivotal role in establishing his career.

Texas and New York City tattoos

Post Malone's tattoos also pay homage to his roots and the places that hold special significance in his life. Behind his right ear, he bears the physical map of New York City, a tribute to his birthplace, Syracuse. On the opposite side, behind his left ear, he proudly displays an outline of Texas in red ink, a symbol of the city where he grew up. These tattoos symbolise his connection to these locales and serve as a permanent reminder of his origins.

Post Malone's leg Tattoos

Skulls and the message of rebellion tattoos

On his outer thigh, you'll find a skull face enveloped in a puff of cigarette smoke. Beneath this striking design, the words "smoke sum" add an element of rebellion and defiance. Nearby, another skull tattoo bears the phrase "To serve and protect," providing a thought-provoking contrast between rebellion and authority.

Kagome and a splash of colour tattoo

In a departure from his predominantly monochromatic tattoos, Malone showcases his love for anime with a colourful tattoo of Kagome from the series "Inuyasha." This vivid design in bright red and green adorns one of his calves, offering a pop of colour amidst his otherwise dark ink.

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" tribute tattoo

Continuing to expand his tattoo collection, Malone pays homage to Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" with a captivating design. The two beloved characters, Beauty and the Beast are depicted within a heart, celebrating the timeless tale of love. This piece captures the rapper's diverse interests, bridging the worlds of music and pop culture.

Skull with feather headdress and vault boy tattoo

Malone's passion for tattoos knows no bounds, evident in his ever-growing collection. He adds a stunning touch to his leg with a large, colourful skull adorned with a feather headdress, showcasing his penchant for intricate and visually striking designs. Additionally, he proudly displays a vibrant tattoo of Vault Boy, the iconic corporate mascot of the Vault-Tec Corporation, a nod to his love for gaming and pop culture.

Oblivion logo tattoo

One of the more unique placements on Malone's body is the Oblivion logo tattooed atop one of his feet. This emblem serves as a tribute to the popular RPG video game series "The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion." As a noted gamer, this tattoo perfectly aligns with his passion for the virtual world.


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Post Malone's hand tattoos

John F. Kennedy tattoo

One of the most prominent hand tattoos adorning Post Malone's skin is a portrait of the late President John F. Kennedy. This tattoo, acquired in 2016, is a tribute to JFK, a figure the rapper deeply admires. The Anheuser-Busch logo flanks the presidential portrait, adding a unique touch to this homage.

Knuckle tattoos

Post Malone's knuckles bear the words "REST EASY," which carries a sense of solemnity and reflection. These knuckle tattoos serve as a reminder of the importance of finding peace and tranquillity amidst life's challenges. Alongside these words, he incorporates portraits of some of his favourite musical inspirations, including icons like Elvis, Dimebag Darrell, John Lennon, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and George Harrison, among others.

He said, "Without these guys, I wouldn't be making music right now." The thick barbed wire integrated into the design adds an edgy element to this meaningful tattoo.

Grizzly bear tattoos

On the top of Malone's right hand, a roaring grizzly bear takes centre stage. This imposing creature symbolises strength and power, complementing the themes of resilience and determination often found in his music.

Cartier Love Bangle Loop tattoos

In a more subtle addition, Post Malone sports a small Cartier Love bangle loop tattoo on his left index finger. Despite its size, he has described this tattoo as one of the most painful experiences he has endured, likening it to "tattooing [his] soul." This tattoo serves as a testament to his appreciation for luxury and style.


Post Malone's tattoos are not just ink on skin; they are a vibrant canvas that tells the story of his life, passions, and interests. Each tattoo is a brushstroke of self-expression, reflecting his love for music, pop culture, gaming, and his Texas roots.

They embody rebellion, individuality, and a deep connection to the artists and icons who have inspired him. Post Malone's tattoos are a testament to his artistic spirit and a visual autobiography that continues to evolve with his ever-changing journey through life.

To ensure your tattoos stay as vibrant and expressive as Post Malone's, don't forget to invest in proper tattoo aftercare products. Take care of your ink and let it tell your unique story for years.


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