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The tattoo collections of the 'Stranger Things' cast


The cast of the hit Netflix series 'Stranger Things' has not only won over the hearts of fans with their exceptional acting but has also left a lasting impression with their fascinating and diverse tattoo collections. In this article, we take a deep dive into the inked stories and artistic expressions of some of the show's beloved stars, including Winona Ryder, Dacre Montgomery, Jamie Campbell Bower, Finn Wolfhard, and Millie Bobby Brown.


tattoo artist tattooing a girl on the left arm


Do any of the actors from Stranger Things have tattoos?

Several actors from "Stranger Things" are known for their body art. Winona Ryder has a small tattoo on her arm, adding a touch of personal expression to her iconic look. Dacre Montgomery sports two tattoos on his hip, hinting at his off-screen personality. Jamie Campbell Bower stands out with his extensive collection of tattoos, showcasing his love for ink. Finn Wolfhard joined the tattoo club in June 2022 with a design on his arm, revealing a new aspect of his evolving image. Millie Bobby Brown has also embraced the trend with three subtle tattoos, each adding a delicate touch to her youthful style. These tattoos offer a glimpse into the personal lives of the cast, beyond their "Stranger Things" characters.

Is "Stranger Things" based on a true story?

"Stranger Things" is not based on a true story, but it draws inspiration from various real-world events and urban legends. While the show incorporates elements of government experiments and supernatural occurrences, it is a work of fiction. The series was initially inspired by the Montauk Project, an alleged series of secret government experiments that were said to have taken place in Montauk, New York. However, the show's creators, the Duffer Brothers, took creative liberties and transformed the concept into a fictional narrative set in the 1980s in the town of Hawkins, Indiana.

The Montauk Project, mentioned in your question, is a controversial conspiracy theory with no concrete evidence to support its claims. It has been the subject of various books, documentaries, and discussions, but it remains largely unverified and speculative.


tattoo inks


‘Stranger Things’ cast who have tattoos

Winona Ryder tattoos

Winona Ryder is not only known for her iconic role as Joyce Byers in 'Stranger Things' but also for a subtle yet significant tattoo. She got this ink design on her arm back in the mid-late '90s. In a 2006 interview with Another Magazine, Winona shared insights into her tattoo. Positioned on her arm, it holds significance as it coincides with a pressure point associated with stress relief. She later elaborated on this during a 2011 appearance on "Jimmy Fallon." Winona's tattoo reflects her thoughtful approach to body art.

Dacre Montgomery tattoos

Dacre Montgomery, who portrayed the charismatic Billy Hargrove in the series, has an interesting perspective on tattoos. He has an intricate tattoo with black motifs on his toes. When asked about its symbolism, Dacre humorously responded with "Oh, nothing." However, he pointed out a winged tip design on his toe that matches one his girlfriend, Australian model Liv Pollock, has. Dacre's approach to tattoos is spontaneous; he believes that meaningful evolutions and stories can arise from them, even if they start without a specific purpose.

Jamie Campbell Bower tattoos

Jamie Campbell Bower, known for his role as Peter Ballard, is a canvas of tattoos. He adorns his hands with a skull on the middle finger of his left hand and a cross on the middle finger of his right hand. His torso showcases an array of tattoos, including a skull, a heart with butterflies, and a spider. Moving to his arms, Jamie has a ball and chain on his left bicep, an anchor tattoo on his right bicep, and a bird inked on the inside of his right arm. Additionally, he has a rose alongside the words "Love Always and Forever" on his right forearm. Jamie's body art tells a vivid story of his journey.

Finn Wolfhard tattoos

While Finn Wolfhard, who portrayed Mike Wheeler, is relatively discreet about his tattoos, fans discovered one on his upper right arm in June 2022. The ink's design remains a mystery as Finn has not disclosed its meaning. However, in a July 2019 interview with WIRED, he jokingly expressed his desire to get a facial tattoo, but he also mentioned a more practical plan to get a tattoo of his brother's name. Finn's ink hints at a mix of humour and personal sentiment.

Millie Bobby Brown tattoos

Millie Bobby Brown, the talented actress behind Eleven, boasts a collection of tattoos that carry personal significance. In November 2022, she revealed a ribcage tattoo with the name "Ruth." This tattoo is believed to be a touching tribute to her late grandmother, Ruth, who passed away in November 2020.

Millie also shares the iconic "011" tattoo seen on her character Eleven in "Stranger Things," etched in simple black ink on her left wrist. A tiny heart tattoo below her left shoulder adds a hint of passion or love. In addition, she sports a rose tattoo on the left side of her back, near her ribcage, with an undisclosed meaning.

In September 2023, a picture with her fiancé revealed a tiny cowboy hat design on her upper right arm, the meaning of which remains a delightful mystery. Millie's tattoos reflect her journey and relationships.


Tattoo artist drawing a hourglass tattoo.


Will there be a season 5 of Stranger Things?

There will be a Season 5 of "Stranger Things," but it has been officially announced as the final season of the series. The creators of the show, Matt and Ross Duffer, confirmed this in an open letter to fans via The Hollywood Reporter. In the letter, they mentioned that they had planned out the complete story arc for "Stranger Things" seven years ago, and Season 5 will mark the conclusion of the series.

This news has been met with both excitement and a sense of closure for fans who have followed the adventures of the characters in Hawkins, Indiana, throughout the show's run.

Why is it called Stranger Things?

"Stranger Things" is named after the mysterious and supernatural events that are central to its storyline. The show's plot revolves around unexplained phenomena such as the disappearance of a young boy, the appearance of a girl with supernatural abilities, and the existence of a parallel dimension known as the Upside Down, all of which are referred to as "stranger things."

Set in the 1980s, the title also evokes a sense of nostalgia for an era known for its fascination with the unexplained and the paranormal. Throughout the series, characters grapple with various mysteries and threats, and the title captures the essence of the unknown and the mysterious nature of the events in Hawkins, Indiana.

Additionally, it pays homage to classic science fiction and horror works from the 1980s, using a title reminiscent of the intriguing and enigmatic titles often used in those genres during that decade.

'Stranger Things' cast tattoo collections summary

The tattoo collections of the 'Stranger Things' cast members are as diverse and intriguing as the characters they portray on screen. Each tattoo tells a unique story, from tributes to loved ones to spontaneous ink adventures. These tattoos not only add to the actors' personal narratives but also contribute to the enigmatic charm of the 'Stranger Things' universe, making them even more beloved by fans around the world.

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