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Serving up ink-spiration: tennis player tattoos on show at Wimbledon 2023


Wimbledon, the famous tennis tournament known for its strict dress code and revered traditions, is not typically associated with tattoos.

However, in recent years, a wave of players with captivating ink designs has emerged, challenging the tournament's conventional norms. In this blog post, we explore the tennis player tattoos on display at this year's prestigious Wimbledon tournament. Join us as we take an up-close look at some of tennis' most impressive ink designs! Plus, remember to shop for tattoo aftercare products to keep your own tattoos looking their best for years to come.

Are tattoos allowed at Wimbledon?

While Wimbledon maintains a conservative approach to attire, there is no explicit ban on tattoos. The tournament's regulations primarily focus on ensuring players maintain a neat and professional appearance on the court. Famously, players must wear all-white clothing while, with a few minor exceptions.

Some players with visible tattoos do choose to cover up their body art with items like compression sleeves. However, many have embraced the opportunity to flaunt their ink designs in front of millions of viewers. As the tournament evolves and embraces the diversity and self-expression of its players, the presence of tattoos at Wimbledon has become a unique and intriguing aspect of the event, blending tradition with modernity.

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Tennis tattoos with strawberries and cream at Wimbledon


Best tennis player tattoos at Wimbledon

At this year's Wimbledon tournament, we saw a variety of impressive tattoo designs on players from all over the world.

Three out of four of this year's women's semi-finalists have tattoos, while only one semi-finalist on the men's side of the draw sports any body art. Find out who below.

Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina has been a real fan-favourite this year at Wimbledon, however, not one of her tattoos is related to sports or tennis. 

Svitolina's most visible tattoo is a geometrical portrait of a tiger, which she got done in 2017. This piece of art sits on the top of her left thigh, so can often be seen as she flies around the court in her Wimbledon attire.

The other two designs are much daintier and are positioned on her right hand and wrist. Down the side of her hand runs the phrase 'Carpe Diem', often viewed as a reminder to live in the present. On her wrist she also has the 'OM' symbol tattooed, an expression of ultimate reality and connection to the world.

Marketa Vondrousova

Marketa Vondrousova is perhaps the most tatted female at Wimbledon 2023. The Czech tennis pro is a self-confessed ink-lover, and her arms make a great canvas for her tattoo designs.

One of her most interesting designs is the quote "no rain, no flowers", which sits just above her elbow on the back of her right arm. Vondrousova's tennis career has been riddled with a number of injury setbacks, so this quote speaks to her strong mindset and ability to overcome difficulties.

However, the time Vondrousova has spent away from tennis over the past few years has given her the opportunity to add to her ink collection. Some of these designs are purely for aesthetics, while others hold deeper personal meanings to her.


Tennis racket tattoos and other tennis player tattoos


Aryna Sabalenka

The Belarusian tennis player Aryna Sabalenka has one prominent piece of body art. Anyone who has seen her play in this year's tournament will probably have noticed the large tattoo sitting on her left forearm.

The impressive design is a fierce-looking tiger tattoo, which she got when she turned 18. It serves as an effective reminder to be aggressive on the court and to fight for every point.

Nevertheless, her semi-final opponent, Ons Jabeur, once made fun of this tattoo in a post on social media. Jabeur stood next to Sabalenka's ferocious tiger design with a doodle of a cat drawn onto her arm and claimed that her tattoo was better in the caption!

Carlos Alcaraz

On the men's side of the draw, Carlos Alcaraz is the only semi-finalist to sport any type of body art. While 2022 marks the year he won his first Grand Slam, it also signifies the year he got his first tattoo!

The Spanish tennis whiz took to Instagram to announce his new piece of ink. His design of choice was 'CCC', which he placed on his left wrist. These 'Three Cs' have great personal meaning to Alcaraz as they refer to his Grandfather's motto, 'Cabeza, Corazón, Cojones' (Head, Heart, Balls) which has stuck with him.

Notable tennis tattoos not present at Wimbledon 2023

There were some tennis players with famous tattoo designs that weren't at Wimbledon this year or were only present for a split second. Polona Hercog and Karolina Pliskova both have some impressive body art but were knocked out during the first round this year.

Stan Wawrinka fell short to Novak Djokovic, who himself has no tattoos, in the third round. Wawrinka has his daughter's name tattooed on his right side, along with an inspirational Samuel Beckett quote that runs down his left forearm.

Meanwhile, Nick Kyrgios pulled out with a wrist injury a day before he was meant to set foot on the court. His personality on and off the court is usually the cause of many discussions, and it's a shame we didn't get to see his eye-catching tattoos in-person this year.

Most notably, Kyrgios, a self-professed basketball lover, has an impressive tattoo of the late Kobe Bryant on his right arm, which also pays tribute to other basketball legends, including LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Tennis tattoos for fans of Wimbledon

If you're planning to get a tennis tattoo inspired by Wimbledon or the sport in general, it's important to pick something that holds special meaning to you, just as the players have done.


Tennis ball tattoos for tennis players and fans


Tennis-themed tattoos don't have to be limited to a simple tennis ball design or a tennis racket tattoo. In the past, many fans have famously shown their support for their favourite players such as Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer and even recreated their logos in ink form.

To celebrate the tournament's success in the UK's capital, make sure to use similarly professional tattoo ink such as London Lavender, available in 1oz from World Famous. Or celebrate the Wimbledon's famous grass courts with colours like Grass Green, available in 1oz from Eternal Ink.


So there you have it, a brief overview of some of the amazing tattoos that were on show at this year's Wimbledon tournament. As the tournament continues to progress and adapt to the times, body art is proving to be an interesting feature of modern tennis culture. We can't wait to see what new ink designs are brought onto the court in future years!


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  • Sarah Crookes